Susie Essman

Susie Essman was born in the year 1955. She is a standup comedian, an actress and a television producer. She became well known as Susie while appearing in Curb your Enthusiasm. She was also the Mittens’s voice in Bolt.

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From her biography, Susie Essman was born in the state of New York City in The Bronx. She grew up in a middle class suburb of New York called Mount Vermon. The father, Leonard Essman worked like Internist and he died in the year 2001. Her mother is called Zora and she was teaching Russian in Sarah Lawrence College. Essman is of Jewish ethnicity and her grandparents were from Poland and Russia. She got a bachelor degree at Suny Purchase College. She does not talk about having any siblings, a brother or a sister. She keeps most of her life private.


Essman started her career while appearing in clubs or travelling in the country for over twenty years. She appeared on The Tonight show together with Johnny Carson in the year 1989. She appeared in the first half hour special in the Comedy Central in the year 1992. Since most of her comedy is based on the ethnic background, she did appear on A History of Jewish Comedy and Jewish Comedy. Susie Essman visited UK and attended Newbury Comedy Festival, Corn Exchange and in 8 Out of 10 Cats.

She started the acting career in movies and tv shows but had only small parts. She appeared in Punchline and Crocodile Dundee II. She then appeared in Curb Your Enthusiasm. She became popular and she was one of the reasons the show got a number of fans. She was a voice behind Helen Higgins for Crank Yankers series on Comedy Central. She had been occasional correspondent of The Daily Show, first season. She provided her voice for the cat named Mittens in Bolt, a Disney animated film. She continued with the same role in the Super Rhino of 2009. She appeared also in Million Dollar Password of Regis Philbin.

Susie Essman is a writer of a book called What Would Susie Say: Bullshit, Wisdom about Love, Life and Comedy. It was published in the year 2009 under Simon & Schuster.

Married, husband, children

Susie Essman got married to Jim Harder in Albany. Her husband’s parents are George Harder and Helen Harder. His father worked as a lawyer. The two met in the year 2003 and he was visiting a brother who worked as an interior decorator and he was a friend to Miss Essman. The brother did not consider introducing them since Jimmy was already divorced and a father of 4 children. He also lived in New York City. He had not watched her acting before the meeting. She met with his children at Central Park.

Net worth

Susie Essman’s net worth is 8 million dollars and she got it from writing and acting.

27 Feb, 2019