Stan Cadwallader

Stan Cadwallader is mostly known for his relationship with Jim Nabors. Jim Nabors was an actor, comedian, and a singer. Stan and Jim were in a relationship for a long time. Professionally Stan used to be a firefighter.

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What is the age of Stan Cadwallader?

The exact date of birth of Stan is not known. According to some sources, Stan was born in the year 1948. However, it is claimed that Stan was 64 years old at the time of his marriage to Jim Nabors. Jim Nabors was 82 years old at that time. According to this, Stan Cadwallader must have born around 1950. So as of now, Stan must be 69 years old.

Is Stan Cadwallader married? Who is his spouse?

Stan and Jim got married in the year 2013 when same-sex marriage became legal. However, they met a long time ago in the year 1975. The couple got married in the presence of friends and family. Jim was an actor and he appeared as Gomer on a TV comedy show. Jim played the role of a Marine on this show which appeared on CBS for 5 seasons. Jim and Stan fall in love with each other and they were open about their sexuality to their family and friends. Even though there were rumors about their relationship before they got married. The couple made their relationship official after the same-sex marriage became legal.

Jim suffered from various health issues. In the year 2012, Jim had gone through open heart surgery. Jim had gone through a liver transplant too in the year 1994. Jim also suffered from Hepatitis B. Jim Nabors died on 30th November in the year 2017 at the age of 87. Jim died at his house in Honolulu, Hawaii. Jim Nabors was one the lucky few who were honored with the title of Honorary Marines from United States Marine Corps. Stan expressed his sorrowful feelings on Jim’s death.

Does Stan have any children or a family?

Before meeting Jim Nabors, Stan Cadwallader was a firefighter. After becoming the business associate of Jim Nabors, Stan got into the spotlight. Stan caught the attention of the press after the close relationship of Stan and Jim was revealed. The information about Stan’s past life is unknown and there is no information regarding his family and children.

What is the net worth of Stan Cadwallader?

Before Stan met Jim, Stan was a firefighter. Even though firefighting is a tough job but this is not a kind of a job which may lead someone to incredible financial success. However, after meeting Jim, Stan left that job and started working with Jim. The exact net worth of Stan Cadwallader is revealed yet. However, his partner Jim Nabors was an actor and a singer whose estimated net worth was 15 million dollars. As Jim had no children so it is obvious that Stan must have inherited all the earthly possessions of Jim Nabors which must have boosted his net worth.

28 Dec, 2018