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Stacey Nelkin Age and bio

Stacey Nelkin was born in the year 1959 and she is a television and American film actress.

Nelkin played in the role of Bonnie Sue Chisholm in CBS Western Miniseries called The Chisholms in the year 1979. She went back in the series in 1980. She got replaced under Delta Burke in her role of Bonnie Sue.

She was in horror film called Halloween III: Season of the Witch, when she was Ellie Grimbridge. At this time, Nelkin got scheduled to play in Blade Runner film. She was called Mary, for the replicant of Nexus 6. It escaped from the Off-world and came to live to Earth, however, because of the budget problem; her part got cut away from the film at the beginning.

Before starting to play like Mary, she had been on the screen test for Pris, however the role was given Daryl Hannah. The screen test of Nelkin appeared at the Disc 4 of edition DVD of the collector. She had made the guest appearances in many series such as 1st & Ten, Hunter, Eight is Enough, The A-Team and CHiPs.

She became famous when she appeared in the Soap Opera called Generation where she was Christy Russell.

According to her bio, The Manhattan film of Woody Allen was based on the romantic relationship with the director that she met at the age of 16 while at the set of Annie Hall. Her bit ended at the cutting room floor, but their relationship started at the age of 17. She was still in Stuyvesant High School while Allen was 42 years old. They dated for some time; however, Allen said that she was not underage. The role of Tracy played by Mariel Hemingway was based on the life of Nelkin. She was also dating Warren Beatty.

Stacey Nelkin Husband, Dating, married

Nelkin is married and her husband is Marco Greenberg. Before she was married to Barry Bostwick; an actor since 1987 up to 1991. She had now been married three times. But the third husband name is not disclosed.

Nelkin started a career as a self-styled relationship expert at YouTube Channel and on her website. She is an author of a book called YouCan’t Afford to break up: How an Empty Wallet and a Dirty Mind can Save Your Relationship. She had been a frequent guest at Fox & Friends.

Stacey Nelkin was born of Teenage parents and she is the founder of The Daily Affair. When she was given a gig of appearing in Halloween 3, she had not seen the first 2 films so she decided to see them. After watching them, she found out that there is nothing in common with the 3rd part.

Stacey Nelkin Income & Net worth, height

Her net worth and income are not recorded yet. Her height is 5 feet with 5 inches.



Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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