Soon Hee Newbold

Soon Hee Newbold Age, bio

Soon Hee Newbold is an actress, musician, conductor and American composer. She was born in Seoul, Korea, in 1974.

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From her bio, Soon Hee Newbold had been adopted when he was still an infant and she grew up in the city of Frederic in Maryland. She has two sisters. She learned how to play piano at the age of five and learned violin when she was 7 years old. Like a soloist or professional orchestras in the world, she appeared in different venues like Tanglewood, Aspen Music Festival and School, Disney World, Wolf Trap, The Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall. She also visited different countries in the world.

Soon Hee Newbold went to Fredric High School and she was interested into drama, languages and science. She also learned Russian, French and German. She finished the internship with AIDS and Cancer research of National Institute of Health at Fort Detrick in Maryland.

She worked under Dr Davis Derse. She got her Bachelor of Music degree at James Madison University. She studied audio production, orchestration and film scoring. When she was still in college, she performed as a professional in New York, Maryland and Virginia. She became a winner twice at JMU School of Music Concerto competition and she performed violin Concerto or Khachaturian as a freshman and performed Tzigane from Ravel when she was a senior.

Soon Hee Newbold Career

After her graduation, Soon Hee Newbold did work in entertainment at Walt Disney World and did perform different symphonies from Florida. She was able to produce albums and wrote many recording ensembles and projects. In her acting career, she worked for both television and film.

She got the break in the film when she appeared in The Waterboy where she was Adam Sandler. She had a role in the Camp Tanglefoot together with Gregg Russell, Michael Andrew and Drew Seeley. She was published by FJH Music Company. Her composition may be heard in the film industry, in the orchestras or in performing groups. She likes to travel the world where she is a conductor or a guest composter. Some of her work had been performed at Midwest Clinic, Lincoln Center for The Performing Arts and Carnegie Hall.

Soon Hee Newbold Boyfriend & Husband

Soon Hee Newbold is living together with her husband in the city of Southern California. She works in commercial projects, television and film like a musician, composer, actress and a producer. She is a trained martial artist and had trained in many weapons.

She got a 3rd degree of black belt while performing with Tae Kwon Do and has a 2nd Degree black belt with Hapkido. She has a black belt with Kigumdo. Her mother suffered Huntington’s disease and she wrote a book called Endless Dreams which got dedicated to all people who suffers the illness while raising hope and awareness. There is no records of other boyfriends, she may had.

Soon Hee Newbold Looks

She is a beautiful woman with black hair. She looks too young for her age.


08 Dec, 2018