Silas Weir Mitchell

Who is Silas Weir Mitchell? How old is Silas Weir Mitchell?

Silas Weir Mitchell is an American Actor popularly known for his role as Charles "Haywire" Patoshik or ‘Monroe’. Silas Weir Mitchell was born in Pennsylvania on 30th September 1969. According to the sources, he is named so after an author and physician from 19th Century of the same name.

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He grew up in Philadelphia. He started his education at The Montgomery Country Day School. Later, he studied at a boarding school in New Hampshire named St. Paul’s School. Silas completed his graduation in Religion and Theatre from the Brown University in 1991. The American actor further pursued his studies and earned a Master Degree in Fine Arts from the University of California. Silas is secretive about his personal life and does not like to discuss it in the public. He is 46 year old. Birth date is September 30. 1969.

Is Silas Mitchell married?

Yes, Silas Mitchell is reported to be married to actress K K Dodds. She is recognized for her roles as Ellie Simkins in 'Spider-Man' and Susan Hollander in 'Prison Break'. The two are often spotted together for events and functions, however; the couple prefers to keep a low profile. Silas is a private kind of person; he does not like to talk about his family, his personal life in public.


Silas’s career in Films and television shows

Silas began his career in Theatre, however, the arena which attracted him the most was movies and Television shows. He first appeared in CBS’s crime drama called ‘Silk Stalking’ in the year 1995. Though the role was a minor one, it was a significant start for him. Later he worked in many comic, mystery and drama Television series like ‘Six Feet Under’, ‘X-files’, My name is Earl’, etc. However, his memorable role was of Dougie in X-files. Recently, the actor has worked in another CBS’s drama ‘The Mentalist’. Currently, he is busy with ‘Grimm’ which is a supernatural TV series of NBC.

There are a few movies on Silas’s credit like ‘A Painted House’, ‘The Whole Ten Yards’, ‘Rat Race’, ‘Absence of the Good’, ‘Other Voices’, ‘Desert Heat’, minor roles in ‘Quick Silver Highway’, ‘Route 9’. He also directed a dramatic short film called ‘Song in a Convenience Store’ in 2010.


 Silas Weir Mitchell’s Net worth 

Silas Weir Mitchell is an American Actor and Television Personality. He is working in this field for around since 1995 i.e. more than two decades. His Net worth is of 3 million dollars. However, his salary or other earnings is not reported anywhere.

He is blessed with around 6 feet 3 inches of height. His co-actors often attribute his stare as intense as if it is penetrating through the soul. He is mostly recognized to play unstable and unsettling characters. Silas loves pets; he has two cats and one blue Doberman named Atticus at his home. He considers them to be his family.


22 Nov, 2018