Shally Zomorodi

Shally Zomorodi is a famous persona and she is well known because she is News Anchor. She was born in the year 1983 and she is of American nationality. She did interview some stars such as Greg Proops from Whose Line Is It Anyway at Fox 5 Morning News. Shally is known also like a member of the News Anchor List. She is an anchor and a journalist recognized like the face for Fox 5 Morning News. She worked before on CityView Channel 5 and she was the video journalist of Voice of America.

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Husband, married, children

Shally Zomorodi met with her future husband when they were in a college and they got married. They have given birth to 3 children, a daughter and 2 sons. She likes her daughter since she prevents her to be outnumbered by boys in their house.


She attended California State University where she did a degree for journalism and political science. She finished with high honors. Her professors say that it was a pleasure in teaching her because she wanted to learn. After finishing the degree, she started to study at Law School. She appeared on Miss Orange county Competition and this opened a total different path for her.

When she was still a student, she became Miss Orange Country and after this, she continued and attended Miss California contest. She was not successful on this round but she was recognized and she was given the journalist award. Among the prizes that she got with the award, was to visit a network studio. While talking to the staff of the network, she was given the internship. This was the first step that brought success in her career.

Before deciding to work on Fox 5 team, she had worked like a reporter of City View Channel 5. She was covering the human interest stories with anything else they wanted. Afterwards, she went to work at The Voice of America Foundation but she did not work there for a long period. She then joined again The Fox 5 Team and she did appear at Fox 5 San Diego Morning News program each weekdays starting at 4:30 up to 9am.


Shally Zomorodi personal interest is cooking, belly dancing, playing which children, family games, beach picnic and being with her dogs. She likes to take chocolate and wine whenever she has any problem. She speaks very well Farsi language and she learned it from the time she was too young. She can also hold a conversation in Spanish but she is now taking more studies so that she can improve it. When she was pregnant, she did not take any break and she continued to present news programs.

Social media

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Net worth

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04 Mar, 2019