Scott Blokker

Scott Blokker works as a model and he is a former soccer player. He played for six years, but he became to be well known as the husband to the fitness entrepreneur called Shaun T. He is the creator of the Insanity Workout. Scott Blokker got married in 2012 and the two are happy in their relationship. They got twin sons in 2017 and the two are living a happy life.

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From his biography, Scott Blokker was born in the city of New York in United States but he does not like to talk too much about his parents and what he was doing before. He was born with a brother called Kevin and they were living in Seattle. The two tried different sports but they choose a career in soccer.

He played for six years before retiring in the year 2000. During the soccer career, Blokker played for Buffalo, Cincinnati, Portland, Seattle and Sweden. When he retired, he started to work as accountant for the Business development company of his parents.

Afterwards, he moved to pursue a modeling career in New York. While working as a model, Blokker met with the future husband called Shaun T. The two got two sons through a surrogate mother and they named them Silas Rhys and Sander Vaughan. They are doing everything possible to take care of the babies. The children were born in 2017 and they were premature since they were born on 32 weeks and 5 days.

When Scott Blokker met Shaun T, he decided to embarrass who is. Their marriage took place in New York and it had a Midnight Love theme. The host was a drag queen called Flava. There were dancers at their reception. The wedding ceremony featured the live rendition from the classic called Wicked and there was an aerialist who mesmerized their audience. They showed a video montage where Scott and Shaun talked about sex, relationships and love. With their wedding announcement, it was the first time that Scott had agreed in the public that he is gay. He said that it was hardest thing that he had to do but it made him happy.

Besides a wedding, Scott does not like to be in spotlight, however Shaun T is the worldwide fitness trainer and he is a developer of a hard workout available on DVD. He specializes in fitness of the children and mostly of the recovery training.

Even if Scott was expected to make many public appearances because of having a star as a husband, he does not like to be in the limelight and he keeps away of the public. It is not clear what Scott does right now, but his husband has 10 million dollars as a net worth. Scott is an active person on social media. He appears on Instagram and Twitter and he likes to post pictures taken with Shaun.

25 Oct, 2018