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Samantha Mathis ( May 12, 1970) is a renowned American actress who hails from the family of celebrities. Her mother, Bibi Besch and maternal grandmother, Gusti Huber both were in the same industry. Samantha is known for her applaud worthy roles in famous movies such as Pump up the volume, Little women, The Punisher, American Psycho and The American President. She also grabbed eyeballs for her relationship with River Phoenix. They were seeing each other until one day River Phoenix tragically died due to a drug overdose. We’ll discuss this in detail further in the article.

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Samantha Mathis first opened her eyes on May 12, 1970, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, USA. She was born to Donald Mathis and Bibi Besch. Her mother, Bibi Besch, was an aspiring Australian actress. Samantha’s maternal grandmother, Gusti Huber was also an Australian actress. She has two siblings, a sister named Rain and a brother named Joaquin. Samantha’s life hit a rock when she was just two years old, and her parents decided to divorce each other.

Samantha’s custody was handed over to her mother, and they shifted to Los Angeles when she was five. Bibi didn’t want her daughter to pursue acting since she could not succeed in it but Samantha was grown in an acting environment, and she was absolutely fascinated with the world of fashion and movies. At age 12, she finally decided to become an actress.

Samantha Mathis Career

Samantha has starred in many popular movies including Circle of Love (1988), Forbidden Sun ( 1989), Extreme close-up (1990), To My daughter (1990), Pump up the volume (1990), This is my life (1992), The Music of chance (1993), Super Mario Bros. (1993), This thing called love (1993), Little women (1994), The American President (1995) and Broken Arrow(1996).

She became the favorite of many producers and directors, hence she was cast in many other movies such as Sweet Jane (1998), American Psycho (2000), Mermaid (2000), The Punisher (2000), Kids in America (2005), A stranger’s heart (2007), Buried (2010), Good day for it (2011), Affluenza (2014), and The Clovehitch Killer (2018).

She has also appeared in many TV shows including Knightwatch, The outer limits, First years, Night visions, The Twilight zone, House, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Under the dome, The Strain, Hash Realm and Aaron’s Way. Samantha Mathis has been nominated by various reputed award shows for her power-packed performances in This is my life (1992 movie) and Salem’s Lot ( 2004 for TV )

Samantha Mathis family and net worth

Samantha has dated several men including Christian Slater, Adam Duritz, Noah Wyle, Cristian Bale, John Leguizamo, Colin Hanks, and River Phoenix. Most of her relationships could not last longer than a year. Her most talked about relationship was with River Phoenix who died due to a drug overdose. Samantha was his last girlfriend. During an interview with the Guardian, Samantha said she had her doubts but was never sure that River Phoenix was into drugs. She dated many men after River Phoenix’s death. She is still not married though.

Samantha Mathis has an estimated net worth of 4.5 Million dollars.

27 Nov, 2018