Rossano Rubicondi

Rosanno Rubicondi was born on 14th March 1972. He is an Italian and translating his name in English Google calls him Rosanno Rudd. He excels in two fields namely modeling and acting and has a very good, attractive personality. He is a true Italian personality with personified decency and utmost confidence.

He was interested in modeling but always dreamt of being an actor in his teens and always worked hard to become one. His parents always supported him and finally his dreams came to life and today he is one of the very well known actor and model. At a young age of 22, Rosanno moved to London and grabbed few small opportunities that his life offered him at that point of time. He availed the best of them and worked in two small films namely, The Eighteenth Angel and The Golden Bowl.

In 2008, he was chosen as the contestant of the sixth season of the very famous Italian reality show ‘The island’s famous’ but was eliminated in the initial episodes due to lack of votes. The next year which is 2009, welcomed him with new surprises and opportunities knocking at his door. He was the lead actor of ‘Cupid’ and did a role in the film ‘Christmas in Beverly Hills’ in which he plays a role of a man who gets attracted to old aged ladies.

In 2010, Rosanno was a part of the seventh edition of the Italian show The Island Of  The Famous and a part of Rete 4 Parade of Love and Fashion In the year 2011. In 2012, he again was a contestant in The island of the Famous which was the 8th edition but he had to leave the show and go in the 2nd episode due to some personal reasons which he did not share with his fans But the 8th episode again marked the return of the great actor but other competitors found that it was unfair and did not agree to it so Rosanno did not continue in the show.

Biography tells us that from 2008 to 2012, Rosanno did a great job in the Television, he did 5 shows back to back and his career was on its peak.  When we talk about movies, then he did four of them namely, The Eighteenth Angel in 1998, Under The African Sky in 1998, The Golden Bowl in 2000 and Christmas on Beverly Hills in 2009.

He got married to one of the millionaires America has given birth to: Ivana Trump, with a net worth of $60 Million. However, Rosanno was her fourth husband. Unfortunately the very next year the husband and wife got divorced. Even after the separation this lady who is also a mother of three children shares a good and a healthy relationship with Rosanno. They have pictures together all over the internet. Rosanno has huge fan following all over the social media, he never fails to impress his audiences and earns in handsome figures.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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