Renee Felice Smith

Renee Smith bio, age

Renee Smith, born on 16th January 1985, has been a U.S. actress. She has been particularly famous for playing the character Nell Jones on the NCIS: Los Angeles ever since she joined the show in 2010. She has been active since 2008 till the present days. Renee has also been in news for her acting in the movie entitled Detachment in 2011.

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Renee Smith Personal Life and education

Renee took birth in New York City, USA, where she spent her early life. She studied at Patchogue-Medford High School situated on Long Island, New York. She has been passionate about acting since her very childhood, and she had a taste of acting at a tender age of six when she acted in a commercial for the Danone yogurt. Renee had also been voted as “Most Likely to Win an Oscar” in her high school. As far as her education is concerned, after high school, she joined Tisch School of Arts from where she majored in Journalism and obtained a minor degree in history.

Is Renee Smith married? With whom she is dating? Is she divorced?

It is not yet clear whether Renee is actually married or not. Her fans just wonder and speculate about her romantic life. Renee has not yet revealed the truth about her marital status. She is romantically connected to one Christopher Gabriel since long.

The relationship and intimacy they share with each other give rise to speculation of a close relationship between them. It is, however, not known whether Christopher is her husband or just a boyfriend. Renee is the best person to clear the doubts of her fans about her romantic life. However, she has so far been tight-lipped about this matter. Renee and Christopher have collaborated to produce a film entitled The Relationtrip.

The premiere of the film was held in March 2017. There are indications that they have a close and intimate relationship between them. The pictures shared on social media are a testimony to their close relationship. Renee herself is the right person to reveal the fact about her relationship with Christopher. Since she has not married as yet, she has not divorced anyone.

Renee Smith Career and net worth

Renee started her career in acting at the tender age of six when she appeared in a commercial for Dannon Yoghurt. However, she started her professional career in acting from the theatre where she acted for the first time in Wildflower of Second Stage. She also acted in a sitcom entitled The Wyoming Story directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

It was in 2010 that Renee’s career got uplift when she portrayed the character Nell Jones on NCIS: Los Angeles. Renee was to be a recurring character, but being impressed with her acting abilities she was made the main cast. In the year 2011, she acted in Detachment as Missy. Renee started creating a book series on children which is based on the French bulldog named Hugo in 2012.

She also acted and produced Baby, a small film, in the year 2015. As for awards and accolades, she has been awarded SET Award for Portrayal of Female in Technology. As per her biography, Renee’s net worth is estimated at $4 million.

24 Nov, 2018