Rebecca was born on 29 August 1959 and she was born under the sun sign of Virgo. It is known that Rebecca was born in Santa Rosa in California in the United States of America. The name of her stepfather is Richard De Mornay and the name of his biological father is Wally George. Rebecca’s mother’s name is Jane Eager and she also has 6 siblings.

Out of the 6, four are Rebecca’s sister and two are her brother. It is known that when she was almost two years old, her biological parents filed for a divorce and soon after the divorce, Rebecca’s mother got married to Richard De. Rebecca completed her schooling from Summer Hill School in Suffolk in England and it is known that she started learning acting at Lee Strasberg Institute in New York City.

Rebecca started her career in 1981 and it is known that the first movie she did was be from the Heart. Later in 1983, Rebecca worked in Risky Business and the movie got a lot of fame. This was a turning point in Rebecca’s life. It is known that Rebecca’s role in the movie was a call girl and the leading actor with her in the movie was Tom Cruise. She also worked in The Slugger’s Wife and Runaway Train.

It is known that Rebecca had been nominated for several awards and that is all because of her amazing acting. She had been featured in a couple of music videos as well and one of the famous videos she appeared in was Sara. The song was positioned at first rank in Hot 100 Charts. Rebecca worked in about 33 movies and she also worked in about 23 TV shows she worked in famous shows ER, Lucifer and Range of Motion. Rebecca is widely loved by her audience.

Talking about the personal relationship of Rebecca, it is known that she got married to Bruce Wagner. The couple got married in 1986 and Rebecca had two children with her boyfriend later. Both the children were girls and the name of Rebecca’s daughter are Veronica De Mornay O’Neal and Sophia De Mornay O’Neal. However, Rebecca’s relationship with her husband didn’t last long and the couple filed for a divorce in 1990.

Bruce was basically known as a novelist and a screenwriter. After the divorce, Rebecca started dating Leonard Cohen but things didn’t work out between them as well and this made Rebecca date Patrick O’Neal. The relationship was a little longer than other ones and Rebecca gave birth to Patrick’s daughters.

The total annual salary of Rebecca is not known but as per many estimates, Rebecca’s total net worth is estimated to be 9 Million American Dollars. It is also known that Rebecca is quite active on social media and she often shares her picture on Instagram. She often shares pictures directly from the sets of the movies and TV shows she works in.