Pimm’s Bio and  Age

Pimm Fox was born in 1960 in Brooklyn, New York. Pimm attended public school and finished his high school from Collegiate School in New York and earned BA Architecture in Columbia University. Pimm is a business journalist and a news anchor. Pimm is now 58 years old and still doing broadcasting on radio and television.

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Is Pimm Married or Divorced? Pimm’s Wife and Child

There is no information about Pimm’s getting married nor any information about him being divorced. Even though he’s been appearing and seen on the television giving news, he is holding on to his personal life in keeping it private. There was a rumor about Pimm being gay, but it eventually faded. No information had been disclosed about the wife or child or Pimm Fox.

Pimm’s Career

Pimm is a news anchor, and he worked for Boomerang Radio. The business anchor hosted the Talking Stock since 2006. "Talking Stock" is a financial news analysis and a business interview program and broadcast daily. On the show, they invite guest speakers and Pimm guide them in a discussion of market trends and the business industry. Aside from his work as a host in the famous business talk show, there was no other information if he has another source of income since he had a degree in architecture or just really enjoying his life an anchor and host.

19 Dec, 2018