Peter Fallico

Peter Fallico Bio

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Peter Fallico is a television personality and a Canadian designer. He is well known because of being the host of different programs at HGTV Canada. Before, he was supporting handyman and craft on the Style at Home, he then became the co-host for This Small Space and then of U8TV: The Lofters. He got his own show in the year 2002 and it was named Home To Go. He had hosted different number of series and most of them are based on Home To… brand. For the original series named Home to go, he was presenting the small scale home improvement with design ideas for people or renters who do not wish to overinvest into home improvement since they do not plan to live there permanently. In the Home to Stay, he helped to design the space if people just bought the first permanent home. During the Home to Flip, he would buy the outdated and the undervalued home and he will upgrade them for the resale. In the recent years, he started Home to Keep series where he helped to redesign the living space for the established homeowners who considered to move because one or even more spaces in their own home does not meet their needs anymore.

Peter Fallico Design

The hosting style and design of Peter Fallico involve Do-It- Yourself options to cut down the renovation and design costs. He would teach how to do simple upholstery projects, creating the custom piece for simple furniture like storage nook and coffee tables using casual buildings and MDF. He also teaches how to create customize or unique artwork using found objects and craft pieces.

Peter Fallico is an open gay and he participated in It Gets Better Canada, the documentary video which had interviews of many LGBT Canadians for the Online It Gets Better Projects.

Peter Fallico is well known to know the house which will do better in the market than others.

Peter Fallico is a creative professional and he has a broad knowledge base for the home renovation with interior decorating. He is capable to contribute in any design or development phase starting from the raw concept to the finishing touches. He is accustomed to choosing and negotiating with contractors and suppliers. He is innovative with big picture thinker who is happy about collaborating with the teams and he is able to create the synergy and to gain the project participation for buy-in from different stakeholders and contributors. He is in charge of triangulates communication found between the department, suppliers with media outlet while promoting the new products. He is knowledgeable about the latest trends in constructions and design and has enough concepts which appeal to the customers.

28 Feb, 2019