Patti Yasutake

Who is Patti Yasutake?

Patti Yasutake is an American Television and Film Actress popularly known for her role as Nurse Alyssa Ogawa in science fiction TV Series called Star Trek.

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Biography of Patti Yasutake:


Born on 6th September 1953, in Los Angeles, USA as Patricia Sue Yasutake, Patti has an American Nationality but she is of Japanese ethnicity. Her schooling and other education are not reported. However, a passing statement was made that she did her Honors in Theatre from the University of California. She started her career in acting while appearing in a show ‘T.J. Hooker’ along with James Darren, Richard Herd, William Shatner, and Michelle Phillips.

Patti appeared in her début film i.e. Ron Howard’s ‘Gung Ho, latter which became a series and she appeared along with Scott Bakula. Her most popular role was of Nurse Alyssa Ogawa in ‘Star Trek: Next Generations’ TV series and movies including Star Trek: First Contact (1996). The Actress also gave her voice in Star Trek: Armada II in 2001. Her other memorable roles are as Marsha in ‘The Wash’ (1988), as a Therapist in ‘Without Warning

The James Brady Story’ (1991), as Ling Landrum in ‘Fatal Friendship’(1991), as Leslie, the Newscaster in Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1992), as Dr. Charbonneau in ‘Blind Spot’ (1993), in Donato & Daughter (1993), as a Doctor in ‘Lush Life’ (1993), in ‘Dangerous Intentions’ (1995), in ‘Abandoned and Deceived’ (1995), as Nurse Dickerson in ‘Road to Galveston’ (1996), as D.K.Rowland in ‘A face to kill for’ (1999), as Mrs. Howard in ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ (1999), and as Barbara Takahashi in TV series called ‘Cold Case’(2007).

The actress also worked in Theatres. Some of the plays are East West Players, ‘Stump’ of New Mexico Rep & American Southwest Theater), ‘I Don’t Have To Show You No Stinkin’ Badges’ of L.A. Theatre Center & San Diego Rep., ‘Tea’ of Manhattan Theatre Club), and many more.

Patti Yasutake’s age, Is Patti Yasutake married?

Patti Yasutake was born in 1953 and thus she is 66 years old. She is Virgo by sun sign.

There is no reliable Information if the Star Trek Actress is married or was in any relationship. There is no information available about her family, husband or children.

What is Patti Yasutake’s Net worth?


Patti Yasutake resides in Hollywood, California. The Star Trek Actress has reported worked in many films and with recurring roles in TV series. No matter minor or major, the star actress has appeared in many works. Therefore, her estimated Net worth should reach in millions. A source claimed that Patti has a Net worth of around 1.4 million dollars.


Patti Yasutake has oriental Japanese looks and the same is reflected in her personality. She has an average height of around 5 feet 6 inches. Her skin tone is white and she has black hair. There is no information about the Star Trek actress about her present appearance. Moreover, no reports or information is available on her health.


06 Dec, 2018