Nancy Pelosi

Who is Nancy Pelosi? Biography

Nancy Pelosi is an American Politician, now serving as Minority Leader of United States House of Representatives, representing 12th Congress District of California.

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Nancy Pelosi is the first Lady Politician to lead a political party in Congress. Since 1987, she served the US House of Representatives. The voters of San Francisco chose her as their representative.

Born to Thomas D’Alesandro (a politician and Baltimore’s first Italian-American Mayor) and Annunciata D'Alesandro, on 26 March 1940, in Baltimore MD, Nancy D'Alesandro is one of their four children. Her brother Thomas Jr. D'Alesandro III was also elected as a Mayor of Baltimore. She has light brown hair and Brown eyes. She is of white ethnicity and has American Nationality.


Is Nancy Pelosi married?

Nancy married to Paul Pelosi, an Investment Banker and became Nancy Pelosi. Her husband is a Georgetown University Graduate. After marriage, the couple settled in the New York City. She has four children from the wedlock; Christine, Nancy Corinne, Jacqueline, Paul, and Alexandra.


Nancy Pelosi’s education and career

Nancy completed her early education at Institute of Notre Dame High School at Baltimore which a Young women school. Her father was a Mayor and she lived a sheltered life. Later her family allowed her to go to Washington DC which was near to Baltimore (Less than 50 miles away) to take up higher education. She attended Trinity College (A Roman Catholic College for Women). That was a new fascinating world for little Nancy who had grown up in Little Italy. She has a plan to go for Law as a career, however, after marriage, the plans changed and Nancy was busy looking after her family.

Nancy’s energetic and ‘never give up’ personality made her popular among other fellow politicians. She was known for the ability to deliver and deviate the remarks with a political smile. Pelosi has served for 31 years in her political career. She has also led House Democrats for 16 years.

She worked in partnership with the President Barack Obama, she was the Speaker and led the House passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009 so that more Americans are secured with jobs, and a tax cut is provided to a maximum of American working people. Pelosi has focussed on retaining and creating new jobs in the US and prevent them from being outsourced in the other countries.

Pelosi has also contributed towards the passage of Health Insurance Reform Legislation which establishes Patient’s Bill of Rights and which will also provide insurance to many Americans and lower the Health Care Cost too for a long time.

Her foreign relationships are based on sensitive, balanced and foresightedly drafted policies.


What is Net worth of Nancy Pelosi?

Nancy Pelosi is a US Politician. Thus, her salary and income sources are stated periodically. Her annual income in 2014 was reported to be around 6 million dollars. However, her average Net worth is reported to be more than 82 million dollars.

21 Nov, 2018