Motoki Maxted

Motoki Maxted short bio

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Motoki Maxted is an American YouTuber and social media personality. Motoki mostly creates funny and comical videos which are quite popular on YouTube.

Motoki Maxted age

Motoki was born on 3rd December 1996 in Akron, Ohio. Motoki is 23 years old.

Motoki Maxted biography

Motoki Maxted spent his early years in his hometown in Ohio. Motoki’s mother is Japanese. Motoki also spent three years in Japan. Motoki has a younger sister. Motoki went to join Wauseon High School in Fulton County Ohio to complete his early education. Motoki is a brilliant student. Maxted used to take part in theatre and debate competition at his school. Motoki is also fluent in the Spanish language. Motoki was a fan of YouTube since his early childhood and used to spend hours while watching YouTube videos. Motoki was very interested in becoming a YouTube celebrity.

Motoki pursued his dream and achieved his goal after a lot of hard work. Motoki was inspired by a lot of other YouTube personalities and wanted to become like them. Motoki finally started his YouTube channel in the year 2013. Motoki released his first video on 24th February 2013. The title of his first video was “10 things we have all done”. Motoki kept on innovating his content and started to add comedy sketches in his videos.

The comedy sketches in his videos made Motoki’s content unique. His followers appreciated Motoki's work. The number of Motoki’s subscribers started to increase rapidly. Motoki Maxted has two YouTube Channels. Motoki’s first channel has nearly one and a half million subscribers. Motoki’s other channel also has three hundred thousand subscribers.

Motoki regularly adds videos mostly two videos a week and entertains his followers with his amazing content. Motoki’s YouTube activities did not drive him away from studies. The YouTube star is enrolled at Loyola Marymount University Westchester and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Motoki’s love for camera and videos kept on growing, and he chose the field of Film and Television Production. Maxted is currently studying. The YouTube star has also been given the responsibility for managing the social media accounts of the university’s television station. Motoki is enjoying great success at such a young age, and there are a lot of opportunities yet to come. Motoki’s content is so unique and attractive that some other YouTubers have copied his content. Maxted revealed in his video that another YouTuber stole his content and he exposed that YouTuber in his video. Motoki revealed that a French YouTuber was stealing his content and making the same videos in another language.

Is Motoki Maxted married? Has he ever gone through a divorce?

The young YouTube star has not revealed any personal information. He is very young and has not yet married. Motoki has not gone through a divorce either. There is no news about any possible relationship of Motoki.

What information does wiki have about Motoki’s salary and net worth?

There are no exact figures available about Motoki’s salary and net worth as of now.

01 Mar, 2019