Michael Parks

Michael parks is a renowned American actor and singer who shot to fame for playing incredibly versatile performances in movies such as KillBill, Tusk, From Dusk till Dawn, to name a few. He has been cited as the world's greatest actor by the master filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino himself.

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Parks was born in 1940 in Corona, California. During his early years, he swapped from one odd job to another. He was a fruit picker, truck driver, fire fighter and many others. The actor was married four times throughout his lifetime. His first marriage was short lived and was at the age of 16. His second and third marriages ended up being failures and finally in 1997, he married his fourth wife Orient Parks and lived with her until his death in 2017.

Parks has two sons from his four marriages. One of his sons, James Parks is also an actor. The actor died due to undisclosed reasons at his Los Angeles Estate in the year 2017. The burial was a very private affair followed by a public funeral which was held at the Westwood memorial. Parks did not go to any acting school or obtain any formal training in acting.

Many notable mavericks of the film industry like Tarantino have praised him for being a natural in front of the camera. Several roles were created keeping Parks in mind as the creators felt that only he could do justice to those roles.. Many thespians of the industry such as Kevin Smith and Robert Rodriguez have eulogized Parks on their social media accounts following his death.


Parks has featured in over a 100 films and TV series throughout his career. He made his debut in the 1965 film Wild Seed where he played a young and unheeding hustler who finds his way into the heart of a 17 year old runaway. This movie made the industry insiders sit up and take notice as Park's role was initially written for Marlon Brando who was subsequently considered too old for the part.

However, the first break in the actor’s career came in when he was offered to play the role of Adam in “The Bible: The Beginning”. The movie was a huge hit and was nominated for the Oscars in several categories and won a few as well. He then played on several shows the most notable among them was “Then came Branson” for which he also sang the theme song. This also established him as a very popular musician as the song “Lonesome highway” became a raging hit.

During the late nineties he starred in a lot of critically and commercially acclaimed movies such as From Dusk till Dawn, Deceiver, etc. It was in the sets of Dusk till Dawn that Parks met the maverick filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, which paved the way for their long term association from there on. He reprised the character of Earl Mc Grey in both the parts of KillBill. He is one of the very few actors to have played two contrasting roles in the same movie franchise. His most recent works include “Red State” and “Tusk” alongside Johnny Depp, which won him a lot of accolades.

17 Feb, 2018