Megan Ditka is a business director who is most known for being one of the children of football coaching legend, Mike Ditka.


Megan Ditka was born on November 1, 1964. She is Mike Dikta’s daughter from his first marriage with his ex-wife Marge. Mike and Marge got divorced on September 21, 1973 when Megan was just nine years old. It took four years for Mike to find love again when he got married to Diana Trantham on July 8, 1977.

Megan has two older brothers named Michael and Mark Ditka and she has one younger brother named Matt. Her oldest brother Michael has one daughter named Lauren Ashley with his wife Debbie Jo. Her second oldest brother Mark married a woman named Amy O’ Bradovich, she is the daughter of former Chicago Bears player Ed O’ Bradovich.

Megan graduated from The University of Texas where she studied business. One of her first major jobs was when she was hired as the national sales manager for Hilton Hotels Crop in Dallas. She eventually went on to work as a Director of National Accounts at a B2B company.

Personal Life

She is married to Ronald Alan Hawes. There is not much personal data available about her or her husband over the internet because they are not public figures and they have kept their private information away from the public. They only reason people ask them questions is because of Megan’s famous football fighter.

Living With a Football Father

Megan’s father, Mike Ditka is known was born as Michael Keller Ditka. He was born on October 18, 1939. Ditka is famous in the football world for his playing days and coaching career. Even at his old age, he still looks youthful and attractive to women younger than him. His family had a coal mining manufacturing company and they have been always successful with their business operations. He is the most successful member of his family and he was born to his mother Charlotte and his father, Mike Ditka Sr.

Mike Ditka born in Pennsylvania. He did some small bits as an actor but everyone knows him as a football coach.  He became a member for Sigma Chi Fraternity in 1958. He was a member of the organization for two years. He was a good athlete when it came to playing basketball and baseball when he was still in his college years. He started to get really good at football and was chosen to join the College Football All-America team. Getting on the team opened up the path to having a professional career as a football player. When he was in his senior year, he was a very good player and he helped his college reach to a winning position. He was destined to become a pro player.

Even though Mike was not able to carve out a memorable career as a NFL player, he was able to find success on the coaching end. He has been a head coach of the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears.  His net worth is 30 million dollars. He has been awarded a plaque from the College Football Hall of Fame. Even though he has said some controversial statements, no one denies his passion and knowledge of football.


Outspoken Views of Megan’s Father

Mike Ditka got a lot of attention when he voiced his opinion on the Colin Kapernick protest situation with the NFL. Kapernick became famous when he decided to kneel during the national anthem at a football. He did the gesture to protest against the police and their violence against black citizens. The act received some criticism from conservative fans who felt that it was a sign of disrespect to the country.

There was a divide between the country because the people who supported Kapernick felt that he shouldn’t be punished because he was just doing a peaceful protest. Ditka got in trouble for saying that there hasn’t been any oppression in the country for over a century and people felt he implied that black people should get over any injustices because they weren’t being treated as bed as their ancestors.

In an interview with One Peter Five, Ditka was asked why young sports stars stop thanking Jesus after their games, “It might have been the sports news outfit that made him stop, and maybe he just felt other pressures. But it’s a damned shame.”

He was also asked if there was a connection between the reduction of religion in America and the NFL Protest against the national anthem, “Sure. Look, this is a kid’s game played for millions of dollars, and these guys feel they have to protest it. It’s bullshit, people taking a knee during our anthem. America is about the only country in the world where you can even play football for money, and these whiners feel the need to protest it. It makes no rational sense at all. Don’t even try to reason about it. There’s no rhyme or reason to their thinking. What they’re doing is a disgrace to the sport and to the country. And yes, I do believe that this is somehow related to the flight from religion, or what have you. If you can’t even put the country and what’s morally right above yourself, then you have some serious problems. It’s pathetic. We’ve got some really serious problems with people’s priorities right now. Definitely, I think the retreat from Christianity is related to all this. I can’t say exactly how, though. Something needs to be done. I don’t even know what they’re protesting – whether it’s President Trump or something – and frankly, I don’t think they do, either.”

Mike thinks that the country needs to return a traditional format where men are the leaders. In his view, men are the leaders and that’s just the way it is. Men take care of women, like Adam should have taken care of Eve. A man’s a man. He says he didn’t make the rules but he is just saying the obvious.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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