Martine Gaillard

Martine Gaillard was the first female anchor of a national sports event in Canada.

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Martine Gaillard’s Age

Gaillard is currently 47 years old. She was born in Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada on 21st of May, 1971.

Martine Gaillard’s Bio

Gaillard grew up in an environment where sports played a big part in everybody daily life. Since her early school days, Gaillard was into sports. She was also a player in the St. Brieux team for women’s fastball, called the ‘Brieux Jays’. Commonwealth Games and Olympics played major roles to develop her love for sports. When she was young, she wanted to be an Olympic athlete. But she soon realized that was not to be. So instead she chose to make a career interviewing those who were. She attended high school at the Evan Hardy Collegiate Institute. Gaillard is an alumna at Ryerson University, from where she got a Radio and Television Arts degree.

Martine Gaillard’s Hairstyle

Gaillard is naturally blonde. She keeps her hair short. She also sports classic side-swept bangs She mostly wears her hair down or curls it in light waves.

Martine Gaillard’s Career

Gaillard started her career in 1990 at CFQC Radio as a Community Cruiser Girl, working summers. It was from here that she got a job at the Weather Network as the host for the Toronto Maple Leafs games for two seasons. After which she joined The Score, an all-sports channel as the first ever female sports anchor in the country. She worked there for six years. It was while working here that she got the chance to cover the Subway Series, that is the 2000 World Series, Championship Series of Major League Baseball. She also worked with Ron MacLean as a member of the Hockey Night in Canada.

Where Is Martine Gaillard Now?

Gaillard has been working at the Rogers Sportsnet since 2005. She got a job at Rogers Sportsnet in August 2005. Her first appearance on the network was as Mike Toth’s co-anchor on the show SportsnetNews. The show had the 11:30 p.m. time slot.

Is Martine Gaillard Dating Anyone?

Gaillard is not dating anyone. She is currently married to contractor Eddie Richardson. The couple has two daughters, Clover and Gemma. The family lives in Toronto, Canada.

03 Mar, 2019