Martina Mcbride

Martina McBride is a celebrated country singer who is popularly referenced to as the Celine Dion of country music. She is widely known for her soprano vocal range. Her ability to reach incredibly high vocal ranges seamlessly has been praised much. Martina originally started off as a country singer and eventually started infusing pop elements in her country genre. Her style of music is often compared to the likes of Shania twain. Martina has several awards and honors acknowledging her work and contribution to country music.

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Martina was born in Sharon, a small city in the state of Kansas in the year 1966. Her parents were dairy farm owners and she has three siblings, two brothers and one sister. Martina’s brothers also play in her concert band till date. Right from a young age, Martina was exposed to country music by her father. She loved to sing and play the keyboard. When she was 9, her father formed a small time band calledthe ”Schiffters” from their family name Schiff.

The band slowly became popular and Martina began performing alongside other bands as well. During one of her trysts with a new group of band members, the singer was looking for rented floor spaces for rehearsals. That was when she met her future husband John McBride, who happened to be a sound engineer. The pair fell in love and soon got married.

After marriage, the couple moved to Tennessee from where Martina decided to pursue country music as a career. The singer's husband worked as a production manager for American rock sensation Garth Brooks. Impressed by Martina’s vivacious spirit Brooks helped her launch into the mainstream music scene by getting the singer a contract with RCA Nashville records. From then on, Martina's career took off to astounding levels.

Throughout her career, she has released around 13 albums and won numerous awards, the most notable being winning the top female vocalist multiple times by the prestigious Country Music Awards. Martina took a brief hiatus at the peak of her career to spend more time with her three daughters. It was lauded as a very enormous and bold move by many. The songstress has also committed herself to a lot of humanitarianism causes. She has volunteered as the spokeswoman for several organizations committed towards prevention of domestic abuse and teen dating violence. She also has a foundation called Team Music is Love which works towards breast cancer awareness.


Martina’s debut album came out in 1992 and was titled “The Time Has Come”. The title track of the album made it to No: 23 on the Country music charts and was a moderate success. She tasted her big success with “Independence Day”, her third studio album. It won a Grammy for the composer and also won Song of the year at the Country Music Awards. This win led her to perform the song at the Grammy’s that year. Following this, Martina’s career was marked by a few vicissitudes.

Her next successful album was “Wild Angels” released in 1995. The title track topped the country music charts that year. Post this album, she evolved from country to country pop style music. Her subsequent albums were produced in this genre and received wide acclaim.In the meanwhile, Martina also featured as one of the judges of Canadian idol. She continued to make music videos during this time. Her more recent work includesthe albums Reckless, Everlasting, Eleven, etc.She announced a tour in 2016 called Love Unleashed. She also has plans of releasing a Christmas album as per reports on July 2017

01 Feb, 2018