Mark Bowe is a host for a television show called Barnwood builders. He had worked in the West Virginia University where he was the coal miner. Mark Bowe did a bachelor’s degree in the business administration of West Virginia University. He was born in the West Virginia in USA and he has a passion in building. When he was a high school student, he played basketball. He is known to have good points while playing. When he was still in College, he was working like a mine safety technician and the coal miner so that he can support himself.


Mark Bowe is known as a passable break dancer, craftsman, historian and a businessman. During his entire career, he did establish a company called Antique Cabins and Barns in the year 1995. He had been able to appear on the television because of the success of company. Mark had been able to work on over 400 structures in the pioneer design together with other artistic co-workers. He had been interested into offering new looks to the old and poor structures. He likes to go out and to spend some time with his own dogs when he is not working.

Married, wife, divorced

Mark Bowe is a married man and his wife is called Cindy. They have a son together they called Atticus. They were friends before they started dating. They did travel in one social circle and they went to a high school together. The high school was Dupont in the East Bank. He says that he only wants one thing for his own son and it is kindness and hard work. He has no record of being a divorced man.

He liked to do extramural activities and he says that Boy Scouts had been important for him. He wants to teach his son everything he known so that in the future, he can have great work moral and use logic.

Net worth

Mark Bowe has a net worth of 1 million dollars and his salary is 300 thousand per year.

When it comes to his personal life, Mark Bowe did not say anything about his age, and who are his parents.

TV career

He was chosen to join the cast of the reality TV Barnwood Builders after starting his company called Antique Cabins and Bars and to run it successfully for many years. Other cast members in the show are next generation builder known as Graham Ferguson, the foreman Sherman Thompson, The beam lifter, Tim Rose and the machine operator called Johnny Jett. The Barnwood builders show is an American documentary television series and it follows builders who work on log cabins and barns and turn them into the modern houses. The show appears on DIY Network Discovery Channel and on Great American Country. The series is being produced by the Silent Crow Arts. The DIY network had commissioned over 26 episodes of these series.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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