Mario Dumont

Mario Dumont, born on 19th May 1970, has been a TV personality and politician. He was born in Saint-George-de-Cacouna, Quebec, Canada. He had been associated with the National Assembly as a member. He had also been a leader of Action Democratique du Quebec for the period between 1994 and 2009. He obtained Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the Concordia University in the year 1993. Dumont graduated from Universite de Montreal.

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Dumont was born on 19th May 1970, and hence, his age is 48 years. He is actually 48 years and 6 months old. Dumont is 1.66 meters tall.

Is Mario Dumont married? divorced, wife

Dumont is a married man. He has married Marie-Claude Barrette. They have been blessed with three children namely Juliette, Charles, and Angela. Dumont has not divorced his wife yet. The name of Dumont’s wife is Marie-Claude Barette.

The career of Mario Dumont

The career of Dumont can be divided into two parts namely the political career and television career. Talking first about Dumont’s political career, he started his political career at the age of fifteen when he purchased the first card of membership in Liberal Party of Quebec. He dreamt of becoming the premier of Quebec as he confided with his classmate in the school. He had been appointed the President of the Liberal Party’s Youth Commission.

Dumont and Michel Bissonnet called themselves the leaders of “the first Liberal Sovereigntists” which had been the youth wing of the Liberal. He had been the organizer of the “liberals for the No side” in the year 1992. He and Jean Allaire, an insider of the Liberal, were instrumental in the development and creation of “Action democratique du Quebec (ADQ) in the year 1994. He had been elected to the National Assembly as ADQ member during the elections held in 2008, 2007, 2003, 1998, and 1994.

After the lapse of some time, ADQ began to align with the idea of Quebec autonomism. The idea advocated for more power and autonomy for Quebec while remaining with Canada. Dumont had been a popular personality among the people. He had been more popular than even the ADQ. During the election held in 2007, ADQ bagged 41 seats and became the official opposition in National Assembly. During the Quebec election of 2008, two ADQ members crossed over to the ruling Liberal Party, and this incident hugely embarrassed Dumont. The snap election held in December 2008 brought bad news for ADQ which could win only 7 seats. Dumont had been so depressed with the result that he announced his retirement from politics.

As for Dumont’s TV career, he started his TV career in 2009 when the news came that Dumont as all set to join TQS network as a host to the series of daily news entitled Dumont 360. The series as finally launched in 2009 in the month of September and the network was rechristened as V.


23 Dec, 2018