Marina Sirtis 

Marina Sirtis is well known actress and her nationality is British-American. She become to be well known when she starred in a role of the counselor Deanna Troi on the television show called Star Trek: the Next Generation. She starred also in the four feature movies that followed and any other Star Trek Franchise production.

When it comes to her biography, Marina Sirtis was born in the city of London. She is a daughter of working grass parents from Greek. Her mother Despina worked as a tailor’ assistant. Her father is called John Sirtis. She was brought up in Harringay, in North London. When she was still attending the school, she auditioned to be in the drama school and it was against what her parents’ wishes. Afterwards, she got admitted to join Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

When she was 21 in 1976, she graduated from the college and started the career when she joined Connaught Theatre. In the year 1986, when she was 31, she emigrated to go to live in United States and lived in Los Angeles where she wanted to continue with her career. Afterwards, she was made a naturalized US citizen.

Marina Sirtis worked like a repertory company member at Connaught Theater in West Sussex. It was under director Nic Young. She appeared at What The Butler Saw of Joe Orton and in Hamlet as Ophelia. Before getting the role in Star Trek, she was featuring in different supporting roles of many movies. In the Wicked Lady of Faye Runaway, she was in a whip fight together with Dunaway. In the Charles Bronson sequel called Death Wish 3, she was a rape victim. During the Blind Date, she became the prostitute who got murdered by the Madman. Other tv shows she was in are Who Pays the Ferryman, Jim Davidson, Up the Elephant and Round the Castle, Minder, and the Return of Sherlock Holmes. She was a stewardess in the commercial of Cinzano Bianco Television, when other stars were Joan Collins and Leonard Rossiter.

Gene Roddenberry asked Marina Sirtis to audition because she looked exotic. She got the call that offering her the role of Deanna Troi when she was preparing to back to Britain since her visa had expired. Her role is to be a half Betazoid and half human character who is able to read other people emotions. When she is at hiatus of Star Trek, she goes back at UK and appeared there in different movies such as One Last Chance from BBC and The Fifth Corner.

Marina Sirtis is a married woman and her husband is Michael Lamper, who is a rock guitarist. Her brother, Steve is a footballer in Greece. She is a vegetarian and Jane Austen is her favorite author. There is no information if she had children or not and her net worth is 6 million dollars.