The American actor, comedian, theater artist, television artist, and recording artist; Mandy Bruce Patinkin was born on 30th November 1952 in Chicago. Mandy has a diverse career in the industry but his mostly known for his dramatic acting skills on television. He retains a broad range in his tenor voice and is recognized by his bold performing style. He was able to make many movie appearances due to his ability in music, and he was considered as major American musical theater performers.

Patinkin parents were Doris Patinkin and Lester Patinkin. He is Russian Jewish and Latvian Jewish by descent. He obtained his acting lessons in New York from Juilliard School of Drama. He did not take a degree from Juilliard since he was getting a lot of offers to turn into a professional actor. He used to perform on stage at the beginning of his career and eventually landed in films by the end of the 1970s. He held a keen interest in music and only at the age of 13 he started singing in choirs. His acting career got the popularity in the 1970 film “The Princess Bride”

He actively participated in the “New York Shakespeare Festival” and played in the many of the company’s production. Mandy received Tony Award for Best Actor in 1979 for portraying “Che Guevara” in “Evita on Boardway.” The versatile actor and singer featured in the Evita soundtracks which sold millions of copies. The Public Theater’s production “Leave It To Beaver Is Dead” in 1970 starred Mandy in the major role. He got a short part in the movie “The Big Fix” in 1979 which was his first big screen appearance.

In the year 1980, Patinkin married Kathryn Grody. Patinkin’s wife is an actress and writer by profession. They have two children Isaac and Gideon. He played in many films including “French Postcards” in 1979, “Night of the Juggler” in 1980, and “Ragtime” in 1981 and “Yentl” in 1983. He mentioned in his biography that his signature lines “Hello, my name is Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to Die” in the "Comic Homage to the Adventure" give him the fame as an actor. He portrayed a man “Indio Montoya” who was in search his father’s murder.

In the year 1984, Patinkin’s performance as artist Georges Seurat earned him a Tony nomination. Due to his tenor voice, he was an artist in demand during that period and got a chance to present his tenor vocals in the Broadway musical including South Pacific in 1986 and Man of La Mancha in 1990. He signed a solo contract with CBS Records and released his debut album in 1986. In the biography of the actor by IMDB mentioned that the versatility of the actor landing him in the 1994 drama “Chicago Hope.” Patinkin won an Emmy for “Chicago Hope” which was hit TV show of his career in 1995.

In the year 1998, Patinkin made a comeback on the big screen in 1998 in the film “Men with Guns” and “The Adventures of Elm in Grouchland” in 1999. After these films, Patinkin played a Special Agent Jason Gideon in “Criminal Minds” for two seasons. In the year 2011, Patinkin was cast in Homeland which was a hit show. The Homeland actor has the net worth of nine million dollars.

Last Modified: Jul 4, 2020

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