Mackenzie Foy

Here is that wonderful girl, who at a relatively young age has been able to announce her arrival in the fashion world. Within a relatively short period she has been able to make a big impression in this highly competitive and demanding industry. She is just seventeen and was born on November 10, 2000. It is really amazing that she has made her presence quite strongly in the film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part Two. She was noticed in this film and it really won her massive admiration both from her fans and also the critics. Let us have a glimpse at her biography and get to know more of this young and talented actress.

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Early Life

Born in 2000, she was raised in Los Angeles. It would be pertinent to mention that Christine Mackenzie started modeling at the age of three and she also started acting at the young age of nine. Hence, when some day a biography is written almost everyone will talk about her genius as a born actor because that is what she is. She started as a model in print ads when she was just four years old and this certainly was a testimony to her genius.

Personal Life

As far as her personal life is concerned, there is nothing much to write about. She is now fully focused in her career. However, she does spend some time playing with her pets. She has a cat and other pets to take care of her and keep her company. Though she has many boy-friends in her reel life, she does not seem to have any in her real life. She is fully focused in her career now, but given her good looks it will not be long before she will have many men lining up for her.


As mentioned above, she began her career when she was just three years old and since then it has been an upward journey for her all through. She was seen doing many television shows as a guest. A few of them includes titles such as Til Death, Hawaii and a few more. Her real break came in the year 2010 when she was just ten years old, when she was cast in the film Breaking Dawn in the character of Renesmee Cullen. Thus began her journey to stardom. Before that she also acted for companies such as Mattel, Gap and also Walt Disney.

She started her acting career in the small screen and it began with the Breaking Down series in 2011. Since then she has acted in nine television series, the last one being The Little Prince. Another one by the name The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is in production stage and will hit the small screen in 2018.

Net Worth

Though Christine Mackenzie is just 17 years old her net worth is around $1 million which is fantastic for a girl who is just 17 years old. There are reasons to believe that she will be able to increase her net worth by multiple times because she is good looking, attractive, and most importantly a naturally born actress.

17 Feb, 2018