Liza Fromer

Liza Fromer’s Biography

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Liza Fromer is a Canadian broadcaster, journalist, actress, and television personality who was born on the 18th of March in the year 1970. Born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Liza Former is presently aged 48. The blond has not yet revealed anything about her early life and her growing up experience. She is completely discrete about her parents, siblings or relatives. So, we don’t get a peek of her childhood, adolescent or youthful years.

All we know is that she graduated from Ryerson University where she earned a degree in Radio and Television. Fromer's broadcasting career started with the Q107 Community Cruiser and her television appearance at YTV. While at YTV, she served as co-host on two shows, Video & Arcade Top 10 and Clips. Not only that, but she also hosted Good Morning Toronto on The Weather Network between 1995 and 1997. Later on, she moved to A-Channel, Calgary where she was a weekend anchor and reporter. She also anchored the first newscast on the station. The broadcast journalist has also worked with The Discovery Channel, Newspath on CBS and has featured in numerous advertisements.

In the month of April in 2007, there was an announcement by Alliance Atlantis Communications that Fromer would feature in a reality television series called 'The List on the Slice' (formerly known as The Life Network). Also, on the 5th of October, 2009, she joined John Moore morning show on Newstalk 1010. In 2011, she was a co-host on Global Television Network’s The Morning Show which was launched in October 2011. Fromer was also a co-host on Breakfast Television at Citytv in Toronto. However, her contract was not renewed at its expiration in 2016.

Does Liza Fromer have a Husband and divorced

Yes, she was married to Josh Gerstein in 2005. In the Fall/Winter issue of Today's Bride in 2005, there was a feature article by Fromer where she discussed her marriage to Josh Gerstein. In 2006, Fromer’s pregnancy was announced by the couple themselves. The baby named Samson Fromer Gerstein was delivered on the 15th of July 2006 at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center at the Women's College Hospital, Toronto. Fromer departed from Breakfast Television the same year.

Her marriage did not survive trying times. By 2012, they were divorced due to unresolved internal conflict making the marriage last for a period of seven years. Fromer has since moved on with her life.

Liza Fromer's Net Worth, height

Just like her undisclosed early life, the actress has successfully hidden her financial details from the peering eyes of the public. Of course, she appears to be doing well judging from her professional success and the feat she has achieved in the media industry. She has decided to keep the details of her salary and net worth discrete.

The blonde with beautiful blue eyes have been graced with tall looks to complement. Her height has been placed at 5 feet and 8 inches which is favorable enough for her chosen career.


27 Dec, 2018