Leanne Goggins

Leane Goggins is known to the media as the ex wife of Walton Goggins. She has done a lot of contributions for pets and has passed away due to an accident.

Personal life

Leane Goggins was born in the year 1967, in Canada. She was born in an American family. Leanne was the only daughter of her Christian parents. When she was born, she suffered from jaundice. Leane's parents had to spend a lot of money on her health problems. The doctors had strictly advised to keep a limit on her eating habits. This was the reason that she had a weak immunity level. She suffered from several viral diseases throughout the year.

Leane could not even go to school every day due to the various health disorders and later, she was dropped out of school due to the lack of attendance. Leane was a pet lover but due to her allergies and unmanaged health issues, she was denied by her parents to keep a dog. Nothing made her happier than spending time dogs. As Leane grew up, she started recovering from her serious health issues.

Leane went to a very popular school in the town. Though she had started her education from the middle school, she managed to score very good grades. Leane’s parents had never stressed her regarding her education or career. After completing her high school education, Leane pursued her bachelor’s degree from the university and at the same time, also took a pet care training.

We uncovered information about Leane’s personal life. When she was working in Los Angeles at her own dog training centre, she got into a relationship with Walton Goggins. The couple dated each other for some time and after that, tied the knot. It has been known from some sources that after some years of their marriage, many differences arose between them.

Walton always remained busy with his profession which disgusted Leane and she felt very alone. This led to a lot of spats and quarrels leading to which Leane handed him, a divorce. Just after some days of doing so, Leane was found dead after falling from a height, on the road. Though her death is regarded as an accident, some souces have said that as Leane was constantly suffering from depression, she had committed a suicide.


After the training period was over, Leane joined a pet farm where she took care of dogs. After some time, when she learnt all the processes and methods regarding dog training, she started her own dog training centre. To Leane, dog training was not only feeding them and taking them for a walk, but she tried to make the experience adventurous for them. Leane gave swimming, running and even hiking lessons to dogs. Leane’s affection and love towards dogs was very rare. Even the dogs were very fond of her as it has been confirmed by some of her clients.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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