Lauren Sanchez

Lauren Sánchez is a famous television personality. She is also a talented new anchor and renowned media figure. She also serves as a television reporter.

Personal life

Lauren Sánchez was born on December 19, 1969 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was born in a Mexican family. She has a younger brother and an elder sister. Lauren was closer to her brother than her sister. Lauren’s sister was significantly older than her so she was more like a parent to her than her sister. Lauren’s father was a lawyer and her mother was a home maker. As a child, she grew up witnessing the lifestyle differences of her parents.

Lauren’s father got involved in many extra marital affairs which led quarrels between her parents. When she was only nine years old, her parents got separated. She had to move in with her mother along with her older sister. She had to leave her brother as he went to live with her father. The separation of her parents separated Lauren from her brother whom she loved the most.

She never wanted to leave her brother behind but her mother could not afford the living expense of raising three children. Lauren went through a serious mental disorder after getting separated from her brother. Her mother and sister hardly paid any attention to it. Lauren even asked her mother to allow her to visit her brother at her father’s house but she did not allow her.

Lauren went into a deep depression which resulted in serious health disorders. This even affected her education and she could not go to the school. She was expelled from the school due to her low attendance. Lauren was hospitalized because of her health issue. The doctor advised her mother to keep her close to her brother because that was the only way of her recovery. She moved to her father’s house which helped her recover from her depression.

Lauren also had to go through regular counselling sessions for faster recovery. Lauren completed the rest of her primary education from home and later went to the El Camino College for her university education. As a teenager, Lauren developed an interest towards writing. Lauren wanted to go further with her writing skills so she wrote articles in her college newspaper. She also became very popular in her university due to her excellent articles.

While studying in college, Lauren received a scholarship for her excellent grades to continue her university education at the University of Southern California to earn a degree in communications.

She was once married to Patrick Whitesell but they had a recent split. Lauren was previously engaged to Henry Simmons but after their breakup, she got married to Patrick. Lauren also has three children from her ex-husband.


Lauren was always interested in social media and people which led to her career as a news anchor. She has served as a news anchor and television host on several popular news channels which has given her a wealthy lifestyle and large net worth.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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