Kurt Iswarienko

Wiki information about Kurt Iswarienko Tall dark haired photographer well known as Kurt Iswarienko is well recognized by many as the husband to Shannen. Kurt was born on 22nd June 1974. He is a famous photographer and an electrician known for his good work in film production, due to his great skills in film production he has managed to produce films like “The Pandora project, Clockstoppers and the Pirates of Caribbean.” Kurt got married to Shannen Doherty in Malibu a town in California.

Shannen was a television director as well as an actress. Kurt worked with different brands from the film industry and after working in several sets in Hollywood he drew attention on photography. Kurt was anonymously recognized for his cinematography skills. Uniqlo and Netflix are some of the brands that Kurt has worked with together with some great actors. Due to his skillful nature, he has managed to create incredible websites that are appreciated by many.

Is Kurt as a supporting husband? Kurt is a husband to Shannen who they met in Malibu, California. Kurt provided full support for his wife Shannen who became one of the proudest American actresses. Shannen received full support even when she was sick and diagnosed with breast cancer. Her husband never missed to check on her and never missed to attend her treatments which involved Chemo, radiation, and surgery. Shannen being one of the greatest actresses became so proud of his husband and claimed that she would never have battled the sick life alone.

What about his Age? Irene and Alexander Iswarieko bore Kurt Andrew Iswarieko on 22nd June 1974. At 44 years of age, he loved spending most of his leisure time with dogs and also did surfing too in his free time. At the age of 43, Kurt Iswarieko was an expert in photography and had managed to work on several projects of his own. His work is also evident in the GQ, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire and W.

His Birthday Kurt celebrates his birthday in June 22nd every time of the year.

Kurt's wedding Kurt and his wife Shannen got married since 15th October 2011. They tied their knot, and the ceremony was conducted on a private beach in Malibu beach. Shannen is the second wife to Kurt since he had married Taryn Band but later divorced her. In October 2016 Kurt and his wife Shannen spent their fifth anniversary in Mexico. At this moment Shannen was still struggling to get through with her diagnosed cancer. Shannen was so happy for their wedding ceremony that she decided to post the pictures on her Instagram page. Shannen shared this picture on the Instagram page of her wedding which was celebrated on 15th October 2011 at Malibu beach.

Is Kurt Dating anyone? Kurt and his spouse met in California where they got engaged to the point of getting married in 2011. This was facilitated by the fact that they met in a party in 2008, but by then Taryn Band was still engaged to Kurt.

Kurt's salary At the age of 44, Kurt had attained a net worth of $1.5 million. At the age of 20 years, he was already a professional photographer that was way back when he arrived in Los Angeles. He pursued his great skills and career in cinematographer while still in Los Angeles. Kurt was a successful celebrity in the photographic field, and from 1997 he had earned $113,070. His success expanded rapidly over the years until in 2015 when his salary increased to $2,280,000.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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