Kimberly Conrad

Kimberley Conrad is a popular American actress. She is also a very popular model of the glamour world. She has also been awarded many times for showing her versatile acting talents on the television screen.

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Kimberley Conrad was born in the year 1962 on August 6th. She was born in Moulton, Alabama in the United States. Though she was born in Alabama, she was brought up in Nevada. Later, she has also stayed in British Columbia during her teenage years. Kimberley was born to her American parents. Kimberly has grew up in a very strict and religious family. She was taught many values and ethics from childhood.

Her father was a strict person and believed in non-violence. He did not even support killing or hurting animals so Kimberley had to grow up eating veggies. Though her mother was against it initially, as her father was very stubborn, everyone in the family had to agree. Kimberley and her sister had to go to a girl’s school as her father thought that going to a co-ed school would affect their values.

When Kimberley was ten years old, she developed a keen interest towards the glamour world. She used to read magazines and watch television shows which were strongly disliked by her father. Her father always wanted her to concentrate in her studies but she was very stubborn when it came to her passion. Conrad wanted to be a part of the glamour industry from an early age and her mother has always supported her.

As a teenager, Kimberley was a fitness lover. She used to attend regular fitness classes and remained on diet to maintain the perfect figure. Kimberley stepped into the modelling career much earlier in her life. She started doing modelling when she was in her high school. Initially, Kimberley has posed for various magazines and television commercials. She made her grip strong in the glamour world through her versatile attitude and bold poses. Kimberly has not limited her talents to the glamour world and has also portrayed them on the silver screen, which has earned her a lot of fame in the acting industry.

01 Feb, 2018