Kevin Fret Biography Kevin Fret was a trap gay who was born on 2nd February 1994. He was a Puerto trap musician who became so famous for being the first Latin gay to pursue his career in the music industry. He was commonly known as the Latin Trap artist. Kevin’s single song began to break through after the release on 7th April 2018. Kevin who was born an American Transgender from the USA released his single in 2018 which was called ‘Soy Asi’. In his early age, he became interested in music which he later showed it by releasing his single song which responded quite well as it broke through music panels.

Kevin’s nationality is Puerto Rican, whose educational background is not well known. On 10th January, as he was riding his motorbike in Santurce, he got shot eight times on his head which made him be admitted at Rio pederast medical center. Kevin lost his final breath in the hospital while he was at the age of 24 years. His death created sorrow even to his admirers like the LGBTQ communities. Kevin participated in advocating gender rights, and he was an outspoken guy being one of the members in the LGBTQ communities. Eduardo Rodriguez as the manager also sent his condolence saying that they had lost a member who had great and valid dreams.

Kevin Fret's marriage?

Kevin fret was single as he was just an open gay. There are no records of his past relationships or engagements. Kevin was believed to have died with no marriage engagements.

Did Kevin Fret have a Divorce?

Talking about his divorce would be something that is unheard off since there is nor past record that shows Kevin had an affair with someone. It may sound weird since he is well known to be a gay but there no clear records of his past relationships. Fet kept his sexual life as a secret until the of his death.

Does Kevin Fret have Children?

Kevin is not confirmed to have any possession of any child. There are no records of him getting married.

Kevin’s Nationality Kevin’s nationality is Puerto Rican; he was born an American transgender.

Kevin's salary Fret life changed after the release of his single song which made him become famous and broke into the music panels. His rise was also brought about when he appeared on 18th July 2018 on Duran song called ‘Different.’ Fret had not received any award before in his music career. There are no records of Frets estimated net worth.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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