Katherine Herzer

Katherine Herzer is a young actress in the film industry. She is a new comer in the industry and has already earned a lot of fame.

Personal life

Katherine Hazer was born in the year 1997 on January 20th. She grew up in Los Angeles to her father. She has an elder brother. When she was only 4 years old, her mother passed away due to a fire accident. This incident has affected her brother greatly and he lost his mental balance. Katherine’s father worked as a taxi driver and he did not have enough money to spend money on counselling. She always tried to keep her brother happy as the doctor has said that any kind of stress can cause death to him.

Katherine’s brother could not carry on with his education anymore because it caused a pressure on his brain. Katherine was a very good as a student and her father had a lot of expectations from her. She always wanted to become successful in her life to support her father.

Though Katherine was always interested towards cultural activities like dance and drama, she never expressed that to her father because she knew it will be hard for him to arrange the money. She used to stand outside the drama classroom and watched her friends performing drama. When she came back home, she used to perform the same thing in front of the mirror. In this way, she excelled in drama. Katherine could not perform in her school because she was not a member of the drama club.

As a teenager, she started doing part time jobs to support her father financially. Katherine was very responsible as a child and she even worked as a part time waitress in a restaurant. While working, she also gave several auditions for her television roles. She is an all rounder and all these never affected her academic grades. In the year 2015, Katherine graduated from the high school with a scholarship degree.


After completing her schooling, Katherine started modelling. She also has a very good attitude which has helped her to make her footing strong in the industry. Katherine also appeared on several television commercials. She worked in the modelling career for a few years and after that, she started trying career opportunities in the industry.

Katherine got her breakthrough role in the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith. She has received a lot of recognitions for her role in this film. Next, she was seen in the film A Lot like Love, in a major supporting role. After getting starred in this film, Katherine was approached for several television series. She has also played the role of Anne Frank in a horror television series.

She has remained dedicated towards her work which has earned her several nominations in the award ceremonies. When it comes to her personal life, Katherine does not share a lot of information about her in the social media. There is also no information about her boyfriend or husband in her biography.