Katherine Herzer

Katherine Herzer is famous for being a young and very talented American actress. She is known for her role on the CBS show, Madam Secretary.

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Katherine Hazer was born on January 20, 1997 in California. She grew up in Los Angeles and was raised well by her father. She has an elder brother that would look after her.

When she was only 4 years old, her mother passed away due to a fire accident. The incident affected her brother greatly and he lost his mental stability. Katherine’s father worked as a taxi driver and he did not have enough money to spend money on counselling for his son. She always tried to keep her brother happy as their doctor said that any kind of stress could lead him to harm himself. Katherine’s brother could not carry on with his education because it caused stress and pressure on his mind.

Katherine was very good as a student and her father had a lot of high expectations from her. She always wanted to become successful in her life to support her father and brother.

Though Katherine was always interested in creative and expressive activities like dance and drama, she never expressed that to her father because she knew it would be hard for him to come up with the money to fund her hobbies. She used to stand outside the drama classroom and watched her friends perform drama while wishing she could join them. When she would go back home, she used to perform the same thing she saw in front of the mirror. In her unique and private way, she excelled in drama. Katherine could not perform in her school because she was not a member of the drama club. Even though she wanted to join the drama club, she did not have enough time to attend the sessions.

As a teenager, she started doing part time jobs to support her father financially. Katherine was very responsible as a child and she even worked as a part time waitress in a restaurant. While working, she also tried out for several auditions for television roles. She was able to balance her life and her outside interests never affected her academic grades. In 2015, Katherine graduated from the high school with a scholarship for college.

Acting Career

She has earned popularity among television audiences through her excellent acting skills. She is just a rising start but she has already been rising to fame.

Katherine started modelling after leaving college. She has a very good attitude which has helped her to make great connections in the entertainment industry. Katherine also appeared on several television commercials to develop her acting experience. She worked in the modelling industry for a few years and after that, she started trying out for opportunities in the acting industry.

22 Nov, 2018

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