Karoun Demirjian

Karoun Demirjian is a well-known American journalist and reporter. Karoun is mostly known for her work as a freelance reporter for defense and foreign policy news.

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Karoun Demirjian age

Karoun Demirjian was born on 28th April 1981. Karoun is going to be 38 years old soon.

Karoun Demirjian biography

Karoun spent her early childhood just outside of Boston. Karoun’s mother’s name is Karen Demirjian. Karoun’s mother was an assistant organist and a choir member at St. Stephen’s Church Armenian Apostolic Church of Watertown in Massachusetts. Karoun was interested in music. Karoun studied music and learned to play the piano. Karoun’s was passionate and worked hard to learn religious, jazz, instrumental, and classical singing. Karoun used to be a church soloist in the church where her mother used to work. Karoun’s passion for music did not keep her from studies.

After completing her high school education, Karoun achieved two major degrees. Karoun got degrees in History and International Law while she was studying in Boston area. Karoun kept on pursuing her passion for music and worked as a classical DJ when she was at Harvard and Tufts Universities. Moreover, Karoun was also an Opera Singer and treasure of the Opera house at Harvard. Karoun was also very good at writing and she contributed as a writer for the Harvard Crimson. Karoun’s hard work got her an internship in a program called “All Things Considered” from National Public Radio. Karoun worked at this program for 3 years until 2006. Demirjian started working as a freelance writer right after graduating from school.

Karoun worked as a writer for The Christian Science Monitor and Congressional Quarterly. Demirjian also worked for the United Nations and wrote reports on emerging democracies, disaster reliefs, and peacekeeping operations. All these contributions of Karoun could not satisfy her so she decided to switch her career to journalism. Karoun became a freelance journalist. Karoun started working with the Associated Press and worked as a stringer in Israel. The freelance journalist also worked for Congressional Quarterly and covered Capitol Hill. Karoun also covered the courts, crime and community news for Tribune. Karoun also worked in Washington for Las Vegas Sun and fulfilled her responsibilities as a reporter and reported on the economy, national debates about defense housing and immigration.

Karoun also reported on the White House and the Federal Courts. Demirjian started working for the Washington Post as a correspondent in Moscow, Russia in the year 2014. The freelance reporter worked for the Washington post for a year. During this time, Karoun also worked as a freelance reporter for NPR. After working for a year for the Washington Post, Karoun has been devoted to freelance reporting work since 2015. The freelance journalist also appears on CNN as an analyst occasionally. Karoun Demirjian also received a number of awards. Karoun’s net worth has not been revealed yet.

What information does wiki have about Karoun’s ethnicity?

Karoun’s is Armenian according to the information available about her family. Karoun ethnicity is Caucasian.

Is Karoun married? Who is her husband?

Karoun is not married as of now.

01 Mar, 2019