Jordan Knight is a singer and songwriter, who is most famously known as the lead singer of boy band New Kids on the Block. He was also an actor in 1980’s.

Personal life

Jordan was born in 1970, in Massachusetts. He is an American and Canadian. He has five siblings and he is the youngest of all. His parents are Episcopal priests. He joined the band with his brother, when he was 14 years old.

In 2004, he married Evelyn Melendez. He has two sons with her. In 2012, there were rumors that he applied for a divorce from his wife. Many sources approved this news. The reason for the divorce was not explicitly mentioned but, Twitter had a lot of pictures of Jordan with another woman. Jordan did not comment on the picture and the rumors started to spread fast. A few weeks later, there was a comment that the girl paid money to meet him and she attended an event in with Jordan was present. There were also comments that Jordan and that girl met twice. There were pictures of the girl hugging him. Jordan immediately blocked everyone commenting on the picture. The interesting part was that he did not block that girl or request, to remove the picture.

His wife did not comment on this picture drama. It was not a shock to his fans, as he is known for his lot of girlfriends, before he met Evelyn. He was dating Jessica Huntington. He then dated Evelyn, his wife and at the same time had an affair with Shanna Moakler. There was also a comment from a homosexual guy that there was a brief relationship between him and Jordan. Due to his affair with Shanna, Evelyn broke up with him and they got back in the next year.

Some people say that his drinking problem was what bringing their marriage to the end. Though there are rumors of separation for more than three years, neither Evelyn nor Jordan has opened up about their problems. There is no concrete information that they have separated.


In 1984, he joined the Boy Band New Kids on the Block. Later, he learnt piano and keyboard. He started writing songs for the band. The band disbanded in 1994. He made his comeback as a solo performer in 1999 and gave his first solo, Give It To You. He was nominated for MTV Video Music Award in the same year. He was also nominated for Kids’ Choice Award. The single was considered as gold and sold more than five hundred thousand copies, in the same year. In 2008, the band joined back along with BSB and became the biggest boy band in the history. His next album was in 2004. He released his EP in 2005 and toured for a year to promote it. His latest released was in 2014 with Nick Carter.

Jordan became a judge in American Juniors and American Idol Spin-off. He was a cast member of ‘The Surreal Life’. In 2005, he appeared in an English show, Hit Me Baby One More Time. In 2005, he starred in a documentary named ‘Trust Me’. He also appeared as a judge in ‘Cover Me Canada’, a CBC show. His net worth is 14 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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