Jonas Bergstrom 

Jonas Bergstrom was born in the year 1979, in the city of Danderyd municipality in Sweden. The mother is called Elizabeth and his father is Claes. He is a lawyer and at the same time he is famous. However, being famous did not come from his own work but because he was an ex-fiancé to Princess Madeleine of Sweden, the Duchess of Halsingland and Gastrikland. There is no record about his education and he became even more famous when he dated Stephanie af Klercker , a childhood friend to the princess.

For her biography many things about him had been hidden and only his love affairs had been reported.

Jonas Bergstrom met with Princess Madeleine in the year 2002. They were introduced by a friend. It happened as it happens in the fairy tale; he was a normal guy while she was a princess. He worried and was scared to ask her out to a date. One day, he got courage and asked her to go to date and then she agreed. This is when they started to date and they were a couple for around eight years. They were engaged in 2009. Even if it is seemed that there will be a happy ending, this is not what happened. They were meant to get married in 2010, however, Madeleine came to know the Jonas had been cheating on her and she cancelled their engagement. She moved to go to live in New York. Jonas Bergstrom started to date Stephanie af Kleckler and they got married in 2013 and they got a baby girl in 2014. Their bay is called Katinka.

Princess Madeleine also got married to Chris O’Neil. While in New York, she was working at World Childhood Foundation, the organization that her mother is the co-founder. However, O’Neil is not titled since he declined to get Swedish Nationality in order to get a title.

The two got engaged and they went to Sweden to wed there. The wedding was broadcasted to everyone and Princess was happy to be the wife of Chris O’Neil. Princess has two children, Prince Nicolas and Princess Leonore. The entire family is now living in London where the business of O’Neill is found.

More information about Jonas Bergstrom cannot be found online including his salary and his net worth. Jonas Bergstrom had no divorce up to now.

Jonas Bergstrom and Princess Madeleine got engaged in June 2009 and the engagement dinner took place in Oland at Solliden Palace. The engagement happened after Jonas Bergstrom got approved for Swedish Cabinet Regeringen and had communicated to the King, the father. The wedding was being postponed for some months and it was said that there were many things that were happening. Queen Silvia was denying the rumors that there is any relationship issue. However, in the end, they agreed that the wedding could not go on and the engagement was broken off.