John Martin Kruk was born on 9th February 1961; he was a baseball player as well as a baseball analyst. In 2017, he started as a newscaster’s job with Philadelphia Phillies. He was born brought up in West Virginia. John Kruk played baseball in his High School and in his Community College.

Personal Life:

Kruk got married to Jamie Heeter in 1991 whom he later divorced; the reason for their broken marriage is not known. He then got hitched to Melissa McLoughlin on December 20th, 2000. Their marriage has proven to be a happy one and this couple is blessed with one child.

Kruk was not only a baseball player; he was a writer too. He had written one book called I Ain't an Athlete, Lady which was published in 1994 also writes for a column for ESPN “Chewing FAT”. He was a newscaster and commentator too; he had worked for local broadcasts in Philadelphia, FOX and ESPN. His career with ESPN started in 2004, for an analyst job for program Baseball Tonight.

In 1994, John Kruk was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the time of spring training when his protective cup was broken by one of his teammates. One of his testicles was removed while operating him. Moreover, he started gaining weight gain and that worsened his knee problems.


Kruk singed special draft in 1981 and started his career in baseball with San Diego Padres. His career took an upturn in the year 1987 with 313 hits and his speed surprised all because of his huge built. He was the first leaguer to open half of the innings with 3 successive singles. He was introduced as backup for R.B.I. Baseball.

Kruk played as first base for All Star as he was considered as a star by the whole team. He played for All Star for 3 successful years 91, 92 and 93! However, in 1993, his career experienced a downfall too; he widely failed at batting against Randy Johnson, a pitcher as his ability to throw the ball was too fast!

Kruk then worked with American League to work as designated hitter. The year 1995, Kruk sought retirement, after 10 years of his service. He announced his retirement on 30th July. He played his last game at the prestigious and well known Baltimore's Camden Yards stadium. He is amongst 6 of the major leaguer who made hundred home runs exactly in baseball, as per 2016 analysis.

With end of his baseball career, Kruk started with news casting, he worked for Fox, WPEN-AM and Comcast SportsNet. He then worked with one of the most famous news channel ESPN, as a baseball analyst. He had been in broadcasting since 2001, working in various programs for ESPN, Baseball Tonight and The Best Damn Sports Show Period being two of them. He also acted in a few films naming The Fan, American Pastime as well as The Sandlot: Heading Home. He was a part of "Round Here" made by Sawyer Brown.