Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley full name is Joanna Lamond Lumely. He was born in the year 1946 in the city of Srinagar, Kashmir in British India. She is a British actress who became to be well known because of the work she had in television sitcom called Absolutely Fabulous.

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From her bio, she was born in the city of India and her father was in 6th Gurkha Rifles of British Army for the World War II. While fighting in the Burma in Maynmar in 1944, he got saved by a Gurkha. The family went back in Britain and she went to private schools only. She started to model for some time, but she only wanted to become an actress. She failed to enter into Royal Academy of Dramatic Art at the age of 16 because she failed the exam. Afterwards, she decided to get only small roles and it included On Her Majesty’s Secret Services of James Bond. She had also a stint in the Coronation Street drama.


Joanna Lumley became famous with the role of Purdey for the British TV show called the New Avengers. She was the leading star of Saphire and Steel, a science fiction series. She had a defining role in 1992, when she was in a defining role of Absolutely Fabulous, it was created under Jennifer Saunders and she was also the star of the movie. In the show, which came to be named Ab FAb, Lumley played as Patsy, the sexually aggressive and aging woman who was a chain smoker, drug taking and heavy drinker fashionista who had an distinctive beehive hair style. She had a show stealing performance and she got a BAFTA award for it. The show did air in five seasons and it also got some specials. Saunders and Lumley took up also the roles in the Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie in the year 2016.

Other roles she was in included the television credits in the Sensitive Skin, Class Act, and also appeared in James and The Giant Peach. She was in The Wolf of Wall Street, Ella Enchanted and in other projects which included the Corpse Bride.

She is a well known activist and she supported different causes. She was involved into the campaign of the year 2009 and she persuaded the British government in giving the Gurkhas who were in the British army the capacity of settling in Britain.

Son, married, husband

Joanna Lumley is a mother of a son born in the year 1967 and his father is Michael Claydon, a photographer. She got married to her first husband, Jeremy Lloyd in the year 1970, but this union ended up being dissolved. She then got married to Stephen Barlow and they lived in London. She is a grandmother to two daughters of James. She supports different charities likes Kids for Kids, Child Rescue Nepal and Suffolk Family Cares. She follows a vegetarian diet for over 40 years now


When it comes to her look, Joanna Lumley looks great with the right makeup and her height is 1.73 meters.

09 Jan, 2019