Jo Coddington

Jo Coddington is a wife to Boyd Coddington, a car enthusiast who was also the Hot Rods Owner. She was also working like the General Manager of the complex of her late husband. She is known to support her husband in everything and she was not only supporting his professional life but she also built the happy family together with him.

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Jo Coddington was born in the year 1956 under the name of Jo Andenise Clausen McGee. She is of white ethnicity and of American nationality. She went to Arizona State University and this is where she did business and investment studies.

From her biography, Jo Coddington had been married three times. At the age of 18, she got married to Thomas McGee. During their marriage, they got two children, Robert and Thomas. After some years, the two divorced and she went to live in Orange state.

Married, divorce, husband

After the divorce from Thomas, Jo got married and his new husband was Gary Callahan. However, Gary was not neurologically stable and ended up shooting himself and died. Jo said that she is the main reasons for the suicide. After the death of Gary, Jo suffered depression and was a single woman for a long period up to 1997 when a friend decides to introduce her to Boyd Coddington. However, Jo did not agree to date him for at least a year, but after sometime, she agreed that they can be friends. They dated for four years and they got married in 2002. The two adopted three kids which are Hemi Brogdon Coddington, Cast Aldin Coddington and Billet Leon Coddington. They lived happy together until the time Boyd Coddington died in the year 2008.

With the death of Boyd, Jo is single again but she likes to visit his sons and her grandchildren and spend vacations and holidays with them.


Jo Coddington attended Arizona State University and afterwards, she started to serve Rams Corporation which deal with investment advices. She worked like General Manager of Boyd Coddington Complex named Hot Rods of her late husband. Boyd career was in Disneyland as a machinist from her academic year. He was the owner of Hot Rods in the city of California and started his service with the classic and modern styling called Boyd Look. He features a unique vintage styling according to the preference of the customers.

Net worth

With the unique skills and ideas, Boyd got to fame and became a career success. In the year 1999, Boyd suffered financial trouble because of the loss of 465, 000 dollars from a customer who went bankrupt. This made Boyd to re-organize the Boyd’s Wheels and started the partnership with eldest son called Boyd Coddington Jr. after the death of her husband, Jo Coddington’s net worth is believed to be 12.5 million dollars but her own income or salary is not known.

26 Feb, 2019