Jim Donovan

Biography of Jim Donovan

Jim Donovan is a Musician, educator who uses Music to inspire and empower people. Jim recognizes the connective power of Music and therefore uses this strong tool to educate people with personal wellness, team building and empowering the community,

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Jim has performed in many concerts and music shows all across the world including the US and Europe. He disperses his energy through his rock band ‘Sun King Warriors’ and motivates the event and the spectators.

Jim Donovan’s Career


Jim Donovan is an American Musician and educator. He motivates people with his music. Jim completed his graduation in Music Performance from the University Of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He also did his Master’s degree in Education Leadership from Saint Francis University, where he is a Faculty too. Jim has authored ‘Drum Circle Leadership’ and regularly provides training to people. He teaches the musical ways of supporting well-being, wellness, and social connection.

BRAINHACK is another program of Jim Donovan. It is a scientifically based simple technique for people to improve their livings. The technique also helps the people working in the organization to help cope up the stress anxiety. It also improves mental clarity and overall energy

RHYTHMTEAM is another ‘out of box’ creation of Jim Donovan which is used to create synergistic bonding among team members. This technique uses finely designed group music which enables the team to feel and listen its own synergy.


Is Jim Donovan married? Jim Donovan’s Net Worth? Is Jim Donovan suffering from Cancer?

There is no official information about the marital status of this Musician and Motivator.

Jim Donovan with the help of his music band conducts Retreats, Conferences, Training Programs (Online and Offline), Workshops, etc. Thus the Artist must be having an impressive figure of earnings. There is no information available on the same.

08 Dec, 2018