Jennifer Mcdaniel

Jennifer McDaniel is known as the wife of WWE and WWF wrestler Hulk Hogan. The two got married in 2010 after being in relationship of two years. She started to date her husband in the year 2008 after Hulk’s first wife filed for a divorce. They got engaged in 2009. She tattooed herself with Terry name on her left wrist and this is the birth name of her husband. She likes to be together with her husband and they are spotted together going to shows and to the gym. She is a step mother to Hulk Hogan children, a son Nick and a daughter Brooke.

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Jennifer McDaniel’s personal life include when she got married to Hogan in the city of Clearwater in Florida. It was a small ceremony. She stood with her husband when she was suing her ex-wife. Hulk Hogan was born as Terry Bollea and decided to sue his wife for defamation for saying that he was abusive and homosexual.

Hogan announced her engagement to the public when he showed a diamond ring at Jennifer McDaniel’s fingers. The marriage took place in the compound of Hogan and only family friends with the family got invited. His children, Nick and Brooke were also at the wedding. However, the wedding didn’t go on without a drama since one of the bodyguards of Hogan tried to stop a paparazzi to take the pictures of the wedding. Cops were called; however, there was no arrest made.

Jennifer McDaniel is not found on the social media since she is not available on Instagram and Twitter.

Hogan is considered to be the greatest wrestler of all the time. He is the most recognized wrestler in the entire world since 1980s. He became well known since 1984 until 1993. Hulk was born in the city of Augusta in the year 1953. His father was a foreman named Pietro Peter Bollea and her mother was a dance teacher and homemaker named Rush. He is of Scottish, Penamanian, Italian and French descent. While growing up, he was a pitcher in the Little League basketball. He was expected to join Cincinnati Reds or New York Yankees but he suffered an injury that put an end to his career.

According to his biography, Hulk also worked as a musician and was playing the fretless bass guitar in a rock band found in Florida. He continued studies in Hillsborough Community College and then joined University of South Florida. He did not finish to get a degree since he dropped to attend more to his musical career. In his spare time, he was attending Tampa Bay area gym where he started to lift weight. During his career, he had got many awards including Kids’ Choice award for the favorite male athlete. He won WWF/E 12 times and the World Championship Wrestling for six times. He is inducted in the Hall of Fame of WWE.

31 Dec, 2017