Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was an American criminal. Jeffrey committed various crimes. He was mostly known as a sex offender and a serial killer. The criminal was a drug addict and faced severe drinking problem.

Jeffrey Dahmer biography

Jeffrey was born as Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer on 21st May 1960 in West Allis, Wisconsin. Jeffrey’s father Lionel Herbert Dahmer was a chemistry scholar at the Marquette University. Jeffrey’s mother’s name was Joyce and she was a teletype machine instructor. Apparently, the unhappy marriage of Jeffrey’s parents was the main reason which affected Jeffrey’s behavior terribly and he got involved in criminal activities. Jeffrey was an above average student who attended the Rivere High School. He liked to play tennis. Jeffrey was also a member of the school band. Besides all these normal activities, Jeffrey had a limited number of friends. Jeffrey also went through hernia operation. After the birth of his sibling, Jeffrey got more distant from his family and started to feel insecure. Jeffrey was very interested in animals and used to capture the insects. Jeffrey was curious about anatomy and used to dismember the bodies of the captured insects.

Jeffrey moved to Doylestown with his family in the year 1966 and moved again to Bath in Ohio in the year 1968. Jeffrey attended Ohio State University. However, Jeffrey got addicted to drugs and alcohol due to which he left the university without completing his education. Jeffrey also joined the army but couldn’t stay very long due to his drinking habits. Jeffrey was sent by his family to stay with his grandmother for change but his habits remained the same. He murdered a man named Steven in a hotel room and moved his body to the basement of his grandmother’s house. Later, Jeffrey murdered a 14 years old male prostitute. Jeffrey used to murder African American men and he did this for 13 years. He committed around 191 murders. He got arrested in the year 1991.

Did Jeffrey commit murder at his house?

Jeffrey’s terribly curious nature changed into criminal activity when he committed a murder in the year 1978. Dahmer brought home a hitchhiker and forced him to drink. The hitchhiker tried to escape when Jeffrey murdered him. Jeffrey also dismembered his body and stored in the plastic bags.

Were there any documentary or movie on Jeffrey’s life?

A number of movies and documentaries were made about Jeffrey.

Jeffrey’s death

Jeffrey was murdered in prison by his fellow inmates in the year 1994.

Jeffrey’s net worth

There is no information available about the net worth of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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