Jebb Fink is an American-Canadian TV personality and a comedian. Jebb Fink is mostly known for his work as a host and a reporter on A-Channel’s “The Big Breakfast”.

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Jebb Fink’s age

Jebb Fink was born on 30th January 1958. Jebb’s hometown is Los Angeles situated in the State of California.

Who is the wife of Jebb Fink?

Jebb got married to a Canadian woman from Edmonton, Alberta. In the year 1990, the couple decided to move to Calgary.

Jebb's Children

Jebb and his wife do not have any children.

Jebb Fink’s Career

Jebb Fink has been associated with the TV all his life. He is known for his work as a reporter on A-Channel’s “The Big Breakfast”. After Jebb moved to Canada, he started a comedy show named “An American in Canada”. Jebb Fink used to present the weather for City TV Calgary. In the year 2004, Jebb hosted a late night talk show named Global Late Night which aired on Global Television Network.

What is the net worth of Jebb Fink?

According to various resources, the estimated net worth of Jebb Fink is around 5 million dollars.

03 Mar, 2019