Hang Knighton is famous for being the ex wife of actor, Zachary Knighton.

Marriage to An Actor

Hang and Zachary got married after dating for some time. Their love affair had been in the media for a long time and it was the hottest topic. However, after sometime, they were not happy together and they decided to get a divorce. They did not have too many children but just one daughter called Tallulah Knighton.

Ex Husband’s Career

Zachary Knighton is a dedicated and consistent actor in Hollywood. He has extra ordinary work in TV shows and movies. His media appearances have taken his fame to another level. He has been involved into great roles in many movies and TV shows such as Life on Stick, Believe Me and Cherry Falls. He was been born in the place known as Alexandria. It is a city in the state of Virginia. He is of white ethnicity and his nationality is American.

Zachary Knighton is the latest actor to be added on The Parenthood show. He is playing a role as Mr. Knight and he hangs out with the Braverman Clan of the Parenthood on NBC. He is known to cause many heads to turn. He is known to be very hunky and he is a problem behind Joel’s and Julia failing marriage. Even if he may be a new character in Parenthood, he is not a new face to the screen of many people. He has played a role as Dave in Happy Ending. This was a short lived but a fan favorite show. He has a character which was not that sophisticated or educated as that of his new role, Mr. Knight.

He was one of the leading characters in Life on Stick which was also a short lived comedy. In Flash Forward, he was Dr. Bryce Varley. The show was about a group of some people who see the visions where they predict what will happen in the future. He was a guest star in the show, Wilfred and he was the enemy of Wilfred as he played a mailman that Wilfred the dog did not trust. The show was interesting for him to work on because it catered to audiences that were big fans of cannabis. It was surreal for him but he enjoyed it.

Zachary Knighton has been successful and his earnings can prove this. He has been able to make up to 8 million dollars as a net worth. He is known to have the best physiques when he gets ready for his role. He has the best look when he chooses to be shirtless because of his hard work in the gym. He is known to be a tall man and his height is 5 feet with 10 inches.

On his Twitter account, he has over 21.7 thousand followers. On his account, he uploads his pictures and he tweets his ideas to let his followers know more about him. He is also engaged on Instagram where he enjoys interacting with his fans.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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