Gwendoline Yeo

Gwendoline Yeo Bio

Gwendoline Yeo is a Singapore born American actress, voice actress and musician born on the 10th of July 1997. The talented 41-year-old actress is well-known for her astonishing performances in Desperate Housewives, General Hospital, Broken Trail, American Crime on ABC among numerous others.

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She seems to be friends OK m a family of prominent personalities as her father once held an important position at the National University of Singapore, her uncle was a Singaporean foreign affairs minister for a period of 20 years, Yeo’s brother is also at Cambridge University as the coordinator of molecular genetics. Belonging to such a family of achievers, one cannot bit see reasons for Yeo’s outstanding achievements which started from a tender age.

Upon relocating to California while at the tender age of 11 and leaving St. Ignatius College Preparatory when she was 16. Yeo attended UCLA where she earned her Summa Cum Laude, a Phi Beta Kappa honors as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree before the age of 20. Afterward, her passion for music drove her to San Francisco Conservatory of Music where she added a Diploma in Classical Piano to her portfolio.

Gwendoline Yeo Career


This television series star began her career from a one-woman radio program on NPR-KCRW. During this period, Yeo also launched two vocal tracts titled “Kisses My Girls” and “Lovers”. Not only is Yeo an actress and musician, but adds as a beauty queen. She was crowned Miss Asian America in 1995 and Miss Chinatown USA for one year, 1998-1999. Her role as Xiao-Mei in the series Desperate Housewives brought her to the limelight of her acting career and launched her into appearances in several movies as well as voice-overs.

Some of her works include The Perfect Girl (2003), Night Skies (2006), Dead Tone (2007), Heathens and Thieves (2012), An American Girl Story-Ivy &Julie 1976: A Happy Balance (2017). Yeo’s accomplishments are numerous as she has featured in almost fifty voice roles of cartoons and video games as well as episodes of several TV series.

The emotional actress has been honored with awards which include 2 awards as the best actress, UCLA Asia Pacific Alumni Award for Alumni of the Year won in 2017. Yeo has also been nominated for 3 BTVA awards, she has also been named the First female lead in the series, Socom4.

Is Yeo married or is she dating?

With the challenge of balancing a busy career with intimacy appears to overbearing for the talented television star. She has, thus, chosen the busy nature of her profession to the controversy of a neglected relationship. Yeo has not been reported to be dating anyone or married to anyone, hence, single and does not seem to be preparing for marriage anytime soon.

How much is Yeo worth?


Considering the Miss Chinatown USA’s estimated net worth, one cannot but agree that her busy schedules have finally paid off. Gwendoline Yeo has a recorded net worth of $12 million from her streams of income.

06 Dec, 2018