Gloria Neil

Gloria Neil Age

Gloria Neil was born in the year 1941 and she is a film and television actress of American origins. She is known mostly because of the role she had in Man from U.N.C.L.E. She was also in the Beach Girls and the Monster, The Beverly Hillbillies and the Karate Killers.

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Gloria Neil Bio

From her bio, she was born in the city of Phoenix in Arizona. She moved to live in Palm Springs of California at early age. She got attention for the first time when she appeared at Beauty contest participant. She served like California runner up for Miss Universe in 1958 competition.

In the year 1959, she was Junior Rose Bowl Queen and she was working like a model. This is when she got attention at Universal Studio. The company signed for acting contract in the year 1960.

Gloria Neil Career and net worth

Gloria Neil became famous in her career because she is petite, blue eyed and blonde. She got many roles because of her ingénue of shifting from a seductress to that of a girl next door look. At the beginning, she was the cast in a role of Melvin in the movie of The Lively Ones. She was a replacement in summer in variety and comedy show. Another star was Vic Damone. The show appeared at NBC since July 1962 up to September in 1963.

She gave up the slot to appear on Hazel comedy. She continued and appeared in The Dick Van Dyke Show, in which she had a role of Laura #2. It was together with Mary Tyler Moore, who played as Laura Petrie and Rob Petrie who played as Dick Van Dyke.

Gloria Neil continued her television career in The Man from U.N.C.L.E where she was playing as Sarah. She was brainy and beautiful secret agent. Gloria was also in The Karate Killers, the theatrical release which featured the characters of The Man From U.N.C.L.E besides Herbert Lom, Telly Savalas and Joan Crawford. Even if she continued to appear in television commercials and modeling, the last role she had was acting as Miss Plumpett in Beverly Hillbillies.

Gloria Neil Spouse, Child & Family Married, husband

Gloria Neil got married to Anthony K Roberts. Her spouse was also her co-star while playing in The Beach Girls and The Monster. Anthony got a Pulitzer Prize in the Photojournalism. Gloria retired from active acting so that she can raise her family of two children.

Her first appearance in the movie was in the year 1965 and it was in a movie called The Beach girls and the Monster. Neil appeared with Anthony K Roberts who is her husband and a fellow actor. However he gained fame like a photojournalist. She also became the manager for Roberts’s Photography studio. After the death of her husband, Gloria Neil moved to live in Nevada City in California. She is active as a community volunteer. 


11 Dec, 2018