Fredrik Eklund

Born on April 26th, 1977 is a highly successful real estate broker from Sweden who has made USA his home. Fredrick belongs to New York City and additionally he also has been able to earn some name and fame as a TV reality star.

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Additionally he also was a former IT entrepreneur in his ancestral country of Sweden. He also has written a few books as a fiction author. Therefore it would not be wrong to call Fredrick Eklund as multi-talented person, who in a relatively young age of third has been able to leave behind a good impression. It would be interesting to find something more about him from his biography and the way he has led his life apart from his main occupation and activities.

Early Life

He is the brother of famous author Sigge Eklund. His father was Klas Eklund who worked as a senior economist at Swedish Bank SEB. The paternal grandparents of Fredrick were also famous actors and had acted in a number of Danish, Irish and Swedish movies. His first brush with American way of life happened when he enrolled himself as a foreign student in Edina, Minnesota.

He did his schooling from Edina High School. He did study in the Stockholm School Of Economics but could never complete his graduation. However, this did not stop Fredrick Eklund from working for the famous financial newspaper, Finanstidningen. He also started his own internet company when he was just 23 and employed around 45 people. He also worked for SEM Bank in Singapore and Stockholm before immigrating to New York City.

Personal Life

Talking about his personal life, Fredrick Eklund is married to artist Derek Kaplan and the marriage happened on February 9, 2013. They have two twins by the names daughter Milla and son Fredrick and both the children were born on November 28, 2017. He is living happily with his partner Derek Kaplan though he belongs to the same gender.

Net Worth

Is net worth is around $30 million and it certainly is bound to grow much more in the years to come because he has multiple sources of income.


As far as his careers are concerned there are many facets to it. To begin with before Fredrick Eklund came to New York, he has seemingly acted in a number of pornographic films under a pseudonym.

However, he goes on to admit that this was for a short period of time and eventually he decided that he has had enough of it before he actually started looking at other avenues. He then started building his real estate career in right earnest. It would be pertinent to mention that over the years he has closed over $5 billion dollar worth of real estate buying and selling and has been able to make a name for himself in this field.

He has sold some high end properties to big names like Cameron Diaz, John Legend and Daniel Craig. He also has sold a big property to Patience Acheampong. He therefore is considered a successful real estate broker and is the members of the real estate Board Of New York.

17 Feb, 2018