Frank Ferragine

Frank Ferragine short bio

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Frank Ferragine is a well-known Canadian TV personality. Frank is mostly known for his work as a weather specialist on a morning show.

Frank Ferragine's age

Frank Ferragine was born on 4th March 1972. Frank’s hometown is Bradford, Ontario.

Frank Ferragine biography

Frank grew up in an Italian family. Franks grandparents were the immigrants from Crotone, Calabria who had migrated to Canada and started their farming business there. Frank is very close to his family. Unfortunately, Frank’s younger brother Anthony died from Ewing’s Sarcoma in the year 1998. Frank went to Bradford High School in his hometown for early education. Frank was also known by his nickname Frankie. Frank has also other nicknames. According to the information available, Frank’s last name was hard to pronounce for his friends and they started to call him “Frankie Flowers”. After completing his high school education, Frank attended York University Toronto and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Frank started his career at the TV in the year 2005 when he replaced Nalini Sharma when she was on maternity leave.

Later, Nalini was re-assigned to a different time and Frank came back to the show. Frank appears on a morning show “Breakfast Television” on City as a weather specialist. Frank also appears as a regular guest on “Cityline”. Other than being a weather specialist on a morning show, Ferragine has a lot of other responsibilities too. Ferragine is involved in the family business of farming and Bradford Greenhouses. Frank is one of the directors of a flower show “Canada Blooms”. Frank also fulfilled his responsibilities as a host at the Alliston Garden tour on the radio station CKBB in Barrie, Ontario. The programs Frank hosted include Get Growing and What’s New in Horticulture. Frank has enjoyed great success in all the fields he has been associated with and still going strong. According to various sources, the estimated net worth of Frank Ferragine is 7 million dollars.

Did Frank create and design new gardening techniques in his books?

Frank Ferragine has a great interest in gardening and farming. Frank has also written two books in this regards. Through is books, Frank has helped a lot of gardeners and horticulturists.

Is Frank Currently married? Who is his wife?

Frank Ferragine is a married man. Frank got married to Laurie. The exact date of their wedding is not known. Frank and Laurie are blessed with two sons. Frank and Laurie’s first son, Gavin, was born in the year 2006. The happy couple welcomes their second son into the family on 24th March 2009. Frank is a family man and he has expressed his feeling towards the importance of family on many occasions. Frank Ferragine said that life is about enjoying small moments like enjoying a sunrise, having a great meal, and being with the family.

28 Feb, 2019