Espn Kaylee

Kaylee Hartung is a reporter who grew to prominence with her involvement with renowned broadcasting channels among them CBS and ESPN. Kaylee currently works for CNN.

Personal Life

Born on 7th November 1985 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Kaylee has not disclosed any information about her family background. Her parents are not spoken of though Kaylee is said to be family oriented. Growing up, Kaylee attended Episcopal High School and graduated in 2003 and later enrolled at Washington and Lee University and afterward graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast Journalism and Politics.

The gorgeous sports anchor has a huge and devoted fan base both on screen and on her social media platforms. Her handle on both Instagram and Twitter is @kayleehartung where she is quite active.  In one of her posts on Instagram, she wished happy birthday to his brother Tyler Hartung who is he her favorite pilot, according to the post. On another post, Hartung expressed that her favorite dance partner was her grandfather who passed on.

Kaylee is said to currently live in Austin, Texas. The fun-loving reporter loves spending time with her close friends and family, and during vacations, she enjoys travelling to new places all over the world. According to Kaylee, her favorite destination is Holland. Though involved in a number of relationships, Kaylee is neither married nor in a known relationship since the reporter has not disclosed that information to the public. However, Hartung once opened up to the public about her ideal boyfriend claiming that she would love a stylish gentleman.

The award-winning reporter, who was once voted as the Hottest College Sports Sideline reporter in the USA, has a charitable heart and has been involved in a number of social activities. She once took part in a softball game, a sport she did not know how to play and managed to raise a massive $1.55 million. She gains satisfaction from working with orphans and street children, and purposes to carry on with her practice.


At a tender age, Kaylee wanted to become an LSU cheerleader. Her reporting career begun at NBC where she was an intern. She was Bob Schieffer’s assistant, and this resulted to her becoming an associate producer on the program Face the Nation. Kaylee has also worked at Longhorn Network, and she was later able to work at CBS News as both a reporter and a correspondent on the Washington Unplugged and Unplugged Under 40 respectively.

She later made a move to ESPN back in 2012, and while there, Kaylee was part of the SEC Network team On March 26th 2017, she announced on Twitter that she was to leave ESPN after the NCAA Women’s Division I Tournament Regional Final game.

The sports lover lives lavishly owning an apartment in Louisiana and said to have a collection of mobile phones. Apart from brand endorsements, she has an estimated salary of $100 thousand yearly. With all her income sources, Kaylee has $1 million in terms of net worth.