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Maria Victoria Henao was born in Columbia in the year 1961. She has been a businesswoman and a designer. She was married to Pablo Escobar, once a most wanted cocaine smuggler. They got married when Pablo was 27 years old and Maria was just 15. She never left her husband despite his criminal records and extramarital affairs. The couple got married in March 1976. They enjoyed 17 years of marriage. Maria has a brother elder to her named Marios. He used to work with Escobar. They were blessed with a daughter named Manuela and a son named Juan Pablo. Juan was born in 1977 and Manuela was born in 1984.

Pablo Escobar was born on 1st December 1949. He was born in Medellin, Columbia. He was imprisoned for 5 years. He died in the year 1993. He was a well known narco-terrorist. The Columbian drug lord, Escobar was featured on Netflix's TV series Narcos. He was killed by Colombian police forces in December 1993.

Pablo was involved in an affair with Virginia Vallejo, a journalist. Maria knew everything about the affair, but still decided to stand by his husband. Sources say that it was her unconditional love towards her husband that she tolerated all his debaucheries.

After her husband died, Maria had fled away to different countries with her children. She then used to live in Argentina with a fake identity. She changed her name and also the name of her children. She has once enjoyed a lavish life with her husband. Marrying the richest criminal was a blend of luxury and misery for Maria. She once led a life of a refugee along with her kids.

She was also arrested in her past life for being involved in drug trafficking, but she was released as the charges could not be proved. Juan Pablo now known as Sebastian Marroquin is now a lecturer, an architect and an author who wrote Pablo Escobar: My Father. He is indeed a motivational speaker. Escobar has earned a Net worth of around $30 billion. He has 168k followers on Instagram. He has 471,011 followers on Twitter. He is still being followed on social media.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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