Elizabeth Gillies

Elizabeth Gillies was born as Elizabeth Egan Gillies or Liz Gillies. She was born in the year 1993 in the city of Haworth in New Jersey. Her mother is Pamela Gillies and her father is Gregory Gillies. The father is the owner of a band. She is a sister to a younger brother named George Gillies and he was born in 1996.

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Elizabeth Gillies is of American nationality, but she has Scottish, Italian, English and Irish ancestry. She is of Roman Catholic religion. She likes to play keyboard and piano. She attended Haworth Public school and it was found in her own hometown. She continued her studies at Northern Valley Regional High School found in the Old Tappan. She is a fluent person in Spanish and English language.

Boyfriend, dating

Elizabeth Gillies had a boyfriend called Matt Bennett. They were always happy together and they would post their pictures together. However, by 2012, they stopped posting the pictures but they did not say anything about it, if they are still together or if they have broken up. However, in the end, they started again to post their pictures and it was said that Matt had proposed to Gillies. However, they did not get married instead Elizabeth Gillies started to see Michael Corcoran. It is not clear who she is dating by now. She did not say anything about being pregnant for anyone.


According to her bio, Elizabeth Gillies works as a dancer and actress and started to appear on the commercials when she reached the age of 12. Since she started the career at early age, she had been able to make up to 3 million as a net worth.

In addition of being an actress, she is also known to have the best voice and she uploads the songs on her YouTube Channel. She is getting enough money.

By now, Elizabeth Gillies had been in a good number of movies. She played like the bad girl named Jade West for the Nickelodeon television show named Victorious. It was a sitcom that was talking about the teenagers who were performing arts in Hollywood high school. She was working together with Ariana Grande for the second time.

Elizabeth Gillies worked for other shows. She was the voice of Daphne at the animated series called Winx Club and she recorded its official song named We are Believix. She did appear on the episodes for Figure it Out, BrainSurge and Big Time Rush.

By 2012, Gillies was playing smaller guest roles on the Nickelodeon. Her notable appearance was in The Exes and in White Collar. In the year 2012, it was said that she was working on the alternative rock album. She appeared in Jawbreaker and did participate in a reading of this show in the city of Manhattan. She recorded with Ariana Grande for her song Santa Baby for Christmas EP of Grande named Christmas Kisses.

04 Mar, 2019